Ethical Quandaries of AI: Healthcare

About as common as unjustified fears of AI overlords enslaving the human race, are blanket defenses of AI technology as something inherently good, ethical, and safe. In short, we supposedly have nothing to worry about. While I find it admirable to want to paint a more accurate portrait of what AI is and isn’t, neither […]

5 Ways Digital Agents Can Increase Your Sales

So much of the conversation around AI implementation in business, including our last couple of blogs, focuses on customer service, and with good reason: chatbots and other digital agents have proven to be excellent resources for augmenting existing efforts and fielding basic customer resolutions. However, in an era of ubiquitous AI, with benefits readily available […]

How AI is Revolutionizing Virtual Events

One thing any event planner will tell you is that making in-person connections is a powerful thing. But, while our current social distancing status is the most obvious, there’s plenty of reasons why it isn’t always easy or feasible to bring people together in a shared space. It’s why virtual meetings and events were growing […]

10 Ways AI Improves Agent Productivity

At Humach, we see our human agents and our digital ones as distinct, essential entities, each with a set of strengths and weaknesses. Neither is in competition with the other, nor could either party create the quality of customer service we strive to provide on their own. Simply put, the value of AI lies in […]

AI and Automation in Contact Centers

Artificial intelligence scares most people in the support center industry. We understand the fear as many wonder if it will take over the human element that has traditionally been needed to implement exceptional customer service. But what if we told you that AI isn’t to be feared, but utilized?

A.I. Improves CX and Sales – If You Do This

You may be wondering if Artificial intelligence (A.I.), along with the merging of humans and machines, can improve the customer experience, agent productivity, generate revenue, or possibly lower the cost associated with supporting customers. Netflix suggests movies based on your watching habits, Amazon recommends products based on prior purchases and companies use it to follow […]