Adaptive CX: Reducing the Impact of COVID-19 in Your Contact Center

Adaptive CX: Reducing the Impact of COVID-19 in Your Contact Center

While the global health and economic crisis has radically altered businesses across the globe, it’s also given us valuable insight on consumer habits and new adaptive customer experience strategies that are helping minimize the disruption. In this blog post, we’ve compiled benchmark data, valuable customer insight, a list of new strategies and innovative solutions, and […]

Team Buy-In Tips for Contact Centers in 2020

Let’s face it; contact centers are not an easy environment to manage. Every day, contact center agents are bombarded with disgruntled customers, long hours, and monotonous routines that lead to massive attrition rates. Part of a contact center manager’s role is increasing agent retention and reducing attrition — but without proper team buy-in, this can […]

10 Tips For Managing a Successful Contact Center

Contact center management is not an easy task. It’s far more than merely scheduling agents. The workplace itself is a stressful arena, filled with constant turnover, high volume seasons, and thankless work. The contact center manager has a tough job. It’s up to you to motivate the troops, keep up morale, incentivize your employees, create […]

How To Improve CX With Better Retail Contact Center Practices

The path to the customer is continuously changing and evolving. Customer service experts have come to realize the holistic roadmap to the customer through creative touchpoints and previously ignored interactions. These realizations have permeated through more than just one niche or target audience and are now part of the customer experience.

Improve Patient Satisfaction With Better Contact Center Processes

There are several unique challenges that plague contact centers within the healthcare community. These shared concerns are what have come to shape the unique processes and strategies that are aimed at the patient experience — a similar but slightly nuanced variation of the customer experience. 

Outsourcing Domestic Contact Centers 101

Outsourcing has made its way into almost every facet of the business world — and it should come as no surprise that call centers rank high on that list. But why?

The Life of a Contact Center Agent 

The life of a contact center representative can be a stressful one. Their day is defined by dealing with customer issues and complaints, and burnout becomes a real issue to be dealt with.

Contact Center Best Practices

The contact center industry is a tough one. It can sometimes feel like an endless weight with no upside. Stressful days, high standards and wildly high turnover plague the industry. But does it really need to be this taxing?

The Changing Tides of Contact Centers

Everyone is obsessing over the perfect customer experience — and for good reason. The customer has always been king, but it is now more apparent than ever. The changing tides of customer service has forced companies around to reshape their customer experience strategy.

Equifax Shows What Not To Do For Crisis Communications

In addition to questions regarding how and why the Equifax security breach (which affected 143 million people) occurred, one has to wonder why Equifax waited two months to announce the hack, choosing to announce in early September hacks that occurred in May and June. According to NPR, “Equifax did not explain why more than two months […]