8 Customer Experiences to Inspire You in 2020

More often than not, the stories we hear about AI and customer experience are either warning us against nefarious practices or recollections of a negative encounter. Thankfully, the reality of AI is both more interesting and less troubling than much of the conversation would have you believe, which is why this week, we’re spotlighting eight […]

How-To: Become a CX Leader in 2020

2019 served as a wake-up call for companies that failed to progress with transformative customer experience improvements. Changes in passive consumerism eradicated a record number of household names and hundreds of U.S. retailers announced plans to shut over 9,300 locations—up 50% from 2018.

Healthcare Providers: Don’t Leave Your Customers Hanging

Contact centers aren’t usually the first topic of conversation when it comes to healthcare centers. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t play an integral role in patient care. A hospital or healthcare contact center is the channel that connects the customer with their health outside of an actual physical visit. What does this mean? Well, […]

How Great Customer Experience Improves Brand Awareness

Your brand is an investment, one that you’ve more than likely taken the time to carefully craft and build up over time. No matter how incredible your brand is, it’s null and void if nobody knows about it. “Brand awareness is a marketing term that describes the degree of consumer recognition of a product by […]

Customer Experience Strategy: 2019

Customer experience has become the buzzword of all buzzwords. Every business is reliant on the customer, which makes strategy surrounding them so crucial. The customer will never be a “trend.” They’re a constant in any business model which means that the customer experience will always be relevant. Relevancy isn’t the only reason why you need […]

How to Break Down Silos In Your Organization

Silos often live in larger companies or those that have grown quickly and haven’t been able to make agile operational decisions. It’s a fairly common problem that starts as a small symptom like office politics or lack of transparency, but can fester into something much worse. Larger companies have many more silos to break down […]

There is no “Good CX” Without Proper Customer Journey Management

You’d think we’d be done with this by now. You’d think in 2018, this issue would have been a distant memory that we could look back on and laugh about.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Functional silos remain the main enemy of customer experience. Each business sector usually takes charge of their own version of CX […]

Positive CX Requires Breaking Internal Silos

Humach focuses extensively on the impact of customer experience to an organization. Whether we are discussing the effect on revenue, the influence of the customer, or the outcome of a solid customer journey, we recognize that customer experience can positively or negatively change the trajectory of an organization. It’s no secret that at Humach we […]

A.I. Improves CX and Sales – If You Do This

You may be wondering if Artificial intelligence (A.I.), along with the merging of humans and machines, can improve the customer experience, agent productivity, generate revenue, or possibly lower the cost associated with supporting customers. Netflix suggests movies based on your watching habits, Amazon recommends products based on prior purchases and companies use it to follow […]

Sorry Is Not Enough – How Sun Country Learned the Hard Way

Did you know that apologizing can actually frustrate your customer? A recent study on Frontline Problem-Solving Effectiveness uncovered that apologizing to a customer for an issue only goes so far, and that continuing to apologize only frustrates the customer. According to the study, customers are fine with an initial apology. They then desire creative problem […]