Should Live Agents Be The First Point of Contact? No, Here’s Why.

“Here we go,” you think before morosely tapping out the 1-800 number on your dial pad. You only have a ring’s worth of time to dread the IVR’s voice before you hear it through the phone, the same canned message as every other time, somehow slower with each repetition, and progressively more infuriating. And then […]

Customer Journey Mapping (in 2019)

Getting into the heads of your customers is an interesting challenge. Even those at the highest entrepreneurial tier are asking themselves:

There is no “Good CX” Without Proper Customer Journey Management

You’d think we’d be done with this by now. You’d think in 2018, this issue would have been a distant memory that we could look back on and laugh about.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  Functional silos remain the main enemy of customer experience. Each business sector usually takes charge of their own version of CX […]

Positive CX Requires Breaking Internal Silos

Humach focuses extensively on the impact of customer experience to an organization. Whether we are discussing the effect on revenue, the influence of the customer, or the outcome of a solid customer journey, we recognize that customer experience can positively or negatively change the trajectory of an organization. It’s no secret that at Humach we […]

A.I. Improves CX and Sales – If You Do This

You may be wondering if Artificial intelligence (A.I.), along with the merging of humans and machines, can improve the customer experience, agent productivity, generate revenue, or possibly lower the cost associated with supporting customers. Netflix suggests movies based on your watching habits, Amazon recommends products based on prior purchases and companies use it to follow […]

There’s A Stranger In Your Home To…Deliver Packages?

Customer experience

Doesn’t seem so crazy anymore. When you are Amazon, you have proven to your customers that you will provide them with great customer experiences. Consequently, you get to try new and different things, primarily because you have a relationship built on trust. The latest from them in a litany of new and different services is […]

Ouch! Did You Lose Online Retail Revenue By Not Being There?

Holiday shoppers are already making their list, checking against online reviews and looking to make even more purchases online this year. According to the 2017 Walker-Sands Future of Retail report, 41 percent of consumers completed all or the majority of their holiday shopping online in 2016 and 46 percent of consumers now prefer to shop […]

Humanizing Innovation – Amazon and Whole Foods Change The Game

When Amazon purchased Whole Foods, it sent the business community buzzing about all the potential reasons this acquisition did and did not make sense. Regardless of your stance, one thing is for certain – Jeff Bezos has a strategy that is likely to revolutionize the way we think about purchasing groceries; but it’s so much […]