Who Owns Customer Experience?

With so many functional areas involved in the customer life cycle, creating a unified customer experience strategy can be difficult. Determining who owns that strategy is the most critical place to start. Take the first steps toward overcoming a challenge that 72% of businesses face by reading our eBook ‘Who Owns Customer Experience?”.
Who Owns CX | eBook Humach
Who Owns CX | eBook Humach

Here's What's Inside

Customer experience means different things to each business sector, so the task of choosing a solution that works for everyone is equal parts difficult and critical– but with input from customer experience experts and research within the industry, that task just got a whole lot easier.
  • Statistics that demonstrate CX ownership misconceptions
  • Risks that disjointed CX processes present to your organization
  • An helpful to aligning cross-functional interests
  • Selecting a stakeholder to connect the entire customer journey
  • Experts break down their analysis of CX ownership

72% of CEOs say they're responsible for CX initiatives, but only 27% of their team agree

It’s the forward-thinking organizations who take ownership of the customer experience that stand out and win loyal customers over.
Who Owns CX | eBook Humach

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Who Owns Customer Experience?

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