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Self-Learning AI-powered Digital Agents that keep humans in the loop

Our omnichannel AI-powered Digital Agents are trained and fine-tuned by humans to actually understand intent and get smarter over time. Deliver memorable experiences that support your customers and your bottom line.
Humach AI-Powered Digital Agents Keep Humans In The Loop

Enhance Your Customer Experience With AI-Powered Digital Agents

Whether you’re looking to increase capacity and revenue, decrease sales and support costs, or drive self-service, Humach can help. Let our AI-powered omnichannel Digital Agents deliver experiences your customers want and results you need.


Redirect traffic from higher cost channels, increase capacity and satisfaction with conversation from a self-learning Digital Agent.


Replace out-dated IVR with intuitive, personalized interactions powered by AI, automation and natural language processing.


Drive customer engagement by upwards of 400% by delivering smarter, better-targeted, personalized information in real-time.

Increase Revenue + Enhance Engagement

Grow conversion and customer loyalty while reducing abandonment and confusion. Proactively personalize and engage customers with AI-powered bots and agents that drive the sale.

Improve Productivity + Reduce Costs

By combining AI, automation, and agents, enterprises increase self-service, grow digital adoption, and improve containment at the lowest cost per interaction.

Better Service + Faster Resolutions

Increase your availability and capacity to offer better service and faster resolutions with proactive, personalized experiences on any channel, at any time. AI-powered Digital Agents incorporate self-service with seamless human agent escalation to ensure the best experience, every time.

Experiences Your Customers Want. Results Your Business Needs.

We power the largest professional healthcare organization in the U.S. with AI-powered Digital Agents to improve lead management and increase membership sales and support to over 240,000 members. Their 38-day pilot program targeted 4,847 non-engaged contacts and the results were extraordinary.
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