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Improve experiences and reduce wasted spend with outsourced on-premise and remote customer service and sales agents.

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Comprehensive CX Solutions

Integrate all platforms including omnichannel chatbots, CRM, IVR, SMS, and CMS for an all-in-one customer experience solution.

“Usability, flexibility, customer service, cost, and value all brought us back to Humach. We actually had three departments unanimously agree on one provider, which says it all.”


“Usability, flexibility, customer service, cost, and value all brought us back to Humach. We actually had three departments unanimously agree on one provider, which says it all.”

Senior IT Technical Engineer

Major Food Manufacturer

For Outsourcing Jobs Big and Small

Whether you need a few customer service agents, or dozens - we provide staffing for all types of projects

Brands That Trust Humach To Boost Their Customer Experience

Senior IT Technical Engineer

Major Food Manufacturer

Inbound And Outbound Contact Center Services

Pre-Deployment Pilot

Test our customer service & sales agents & technology in your live environment before deploying it 100%.

Industry Experts

Entrust your CX management to industry experts with over 30 years of experience.

Multi-Lingual Support

Get support from multilingual customer service & sales agents and technology for customers around the world.

Humach Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions

Humach™ At Home

Remote agents connected by a secure, virtual cloud environment that can easily scale with your business and meet the needs of your changing call center.

On-Premise Agents

A traditional call center service with state-of-the-art technology, a secure infrastructure, and private network customized to your business needs.

Hybrid Agents

Get cloud and on-premise call center outsourcing for the best of both worlds. Enjoy the flexibility of remote agents with the security of on-premise agents.


PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long has Humach been providing contact center services?

    Humach has been a trusted leader in the industry since 1988.

  • How do you handle clients with special requirements?

    Humach will always accommodate the needs of your organization to ensure its success - it’s one of the things our client’s value most about us. As a true partner, we also use our 30+ years of experience to provide feedback and suggestions to help you achieve your goals.

  • Which languages do you support?

    We currently support English, Spanish, and French but can support other languages as needed.

  • What types of agents do you provide?

  • What inbound contact center services does Humach provide?

    Humach offers a wide variety of omnichannel inbound services that include but are not limited to:

    • Customer Support
    • Sales and Order Entry
    • Up-Selling and Cross-Selling
    • Customer Retention
    • Claims Processing
    • Technical Support
    • Transaction Processing
  • What outbound contact center services do you provide?

    Humach offers a wide variety of omnichannel outbound services that include but are not limited to:

    • Appointment Setting
    • Market Research
    • Revenue and Lead Generation
    • Customer Retention
    • Transaction Processing
  • How do you ensure data privacy?

    Humach is HIPAA, PCI Level 1, SOC 1 and 2 compliant with an ROC. In addition to these standard security measures, all confidential data is identified and prioritized in ordinance with industry best-practices for appropriate data retention and disposal.

  • What interaction channels do you support?

    Humach supports the following channels:

    • Voice / IVR
    • Chat
    • SMS Text
    • Email
    • Social Media
  • Omnichannel vs. Multi-Channel?

    Good question! When your customer’s experience and brand reputation is on the line, omnichannel is the best approach to ensure the fastest, most accurate, and transparent transfer of data and information. However, if you currently have a multi-channel approach, we can integrate with your existing tools and technology through open, published APIs.

  • What is your strategy for handling adjustments to service capacity?

    Humach will always flex to accommodate the needs of your organization to ensure its success - it’s one of the things our client’s value most. As a true partner, we use our 30+ years of experience to regularly evaluate your program and provide ongoing feedback and suggestions to help you achieve your goals.

  • What are your current redundancy capabilities?

    Our infrastructure is 100% cloud-based with redundant, secure, site-to-site VPN connections to third-party providers and data centers over SD-WAN. We also utilize Microsoft Azure Cloud and redundant virtual servers for critical agent support services, and Humach at Home for inherent agent redundancy.

  • Why should I outsource my contact center requirements to Humach?

    In addition to our world-class customer service specialists and best-of-breed contact center technology, outsourcing your contact center needs to Humach comes with a long list of benefits that include:

    • Increased profit and revenue
    • Reduced operational expense
    • Less administrative hassle
    • Optimal flexibility and scalability
    • Increased security
    • Exceptional customer experiences
  • Do agents undergo any kind of training?

    Yes, all of our agents receive extensive in-person and/or virtual training during program onboarding and receive additional training throughout the program on a regular basis.

  • What is your training process?

    Since instruction is key for high-quality service, we take meticulous care in professionally training all of our employees. Our program managers start by collaborating with your team to truly understand your brand and culture so we can act as a successful extension. Once program managers understand your objectives, goals, customer’s needs and habits, they conduct an extensive train-the-trainer process to ensure the proper transfer of knowledge into the agent environment. Trainers then use a proven combination of curriculum training, mentor programs, testing, LMS, peer on-the-line time, and nesting to train agents and provide them with all the knowledge and resources they need to provide an exceptional customer experience.

  • What are your client’s most common pain-points ? How do you solve them?

    Here are the problems we hear most frequently from our clients, and why they chose Humach to solve them: 

    • “Our provider is inaccessible or unavailable”

    Anytime you need us, our team is always one call, email, IM, or text away. Our lines of communication are always open because your priorities are our priorities. 

    • “We’ve got out-dated processes”
    • We actively review and audit your program to ensure your organization stays at the forefront of customer experience. If there’s something that can be done better, more efficiently, or more cost-effectively, we’ll always be the first to tell you.

      • “There’s too many options”

      Choosing the right vendor or solution can be daunting - after a while, everyone sounds the same. At Humach, we’ve spent the last 30+ years working with every contact center tool and solution under the sun. We also partner with and customize tools and technology from top-rated providers so you get the best solutions without compromise.

      • “We feel uninvolved in the process”

      We know a successful partnership is built on transparency, communication, and execution. At Humach, we establish direct lines of communication and regular check-ins with your internal departments to ensure optimal alignment and involvement at all times. 

      • “We’re paying too much”  

      At Humach, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice cost for quality. If there’s a more cost-effective option, we’ll tell you. If there’s not, we’ll tell you that too. We believe the best decisions are informed decisions.

Contact Center And Customer Service Outsourcing

Amplify your customer experiences and cut expenses with customized call center solutions

Enjoy comprehensive CX solutions customized to fit your business and all its offerings. We can integrate with your existing systems to make the process seamless and effortless.

One Provider for All Your CX Needs

Skilled customer service and sales agents act as an extension of your brand to generate more conversions. We use the latest technology and strategies to boost revenue and scale with your growing business.

Increase Your Revenue with Scalable CX Solutions

On-premise and remote customer service specialists supercharge your customer experience (CX) funnel to change conversations into conversions.

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