Humach Labs a fully functional managed customer experience program where commercial users and technology partners have the unique opportunity to learn, beta test, incubate and measure against real world scenarios without the challenge of long term commitments and disruption to current operations. By linking cutting edge technologies to exact use cases of customers and utilizing Humach’s world class agents, Humach Labs is enabling forward looking, customer experience focused executives to take measured steps toward successful change in a world which has traditionally required a leap in to full production. Lab programs are designed to run between 3-6 months with clear results.


  • Brand exposure through campaigns centered around technology partners (case study, blogs, etc.)
  • Part of branded labs ecosytems highlighting our technology partners via our website
  • Ability to create small but real-life scenarios (including tech, operations and live agents)


  • Highly captive sales environment in a low customer acquisition cost model
  • Increase conversation from beta testing to commercial deployment
  • Repetitive deployment models further reducing pre-sale costs


  • The construct of our Labs is the least disruptive to current operations from a trial standpoint, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. We’ll handle the entire client relationship.
  • Our Labs programs give you a unique opportunity to use live customer experience programs to research, test and refine your product offering. No other program allows you to get real-time feedback from actual use cases.
  • Many companies are hesitant to invest in a single-use technology, but as part of a multi-vendor partner network you’ll be able to win new business and reach new clients. Together stronger.


We don’t accept just any partner. To qualify as a Humach Labs Technology Partner you must be commited to bettering the customer experience landscape. We expect our partners to be driven by innovation and embrace an open ecosystem, giving customers a truly world class experience. We limit participation in each discipline to continue to push our partners and ourselves to maintain excellence in our offerings. We require our partners to:

  • Offer white label, OEM and/or non-standard commercial capabilities
  • Contribute technical resources to the Humach Labs program (engineering, product management, etc.) to ensure optimization of offerings
  • Free/reduced licensing per customer engagement in Humach Labs during trial period
  • Engage Humach with a Reseller and/or Referral agreement


Fill out the form below to apply to become a Humach Labs Technology Partner: