Use Cases

Faster, better resolutions start with Humans + Machines. Reduce customer and team effort and cost, by meeting consumers where they are and addressing their needs at every touch point.

Every business is different and deserves its own distinctive customer experience

Humach’s AI-powered Digital Agents are purpose-built for contact centers with thousands of pre-developed skills that fit together to automate hundreds of interactions across every industry. Implementation takes as little as 6-8 weeks, since the Digital Agents merely need to be customized to meet business-specific needs. Our Digital Agents are trained and validated by experienced, professional humans to deliver a “perfectly trained” agent experience.

Use Cases by Industry


AI-powered Digital Agents are 100% HIPAA compliant and cost effective for Providers, Payors, and DME.


Omnichannel Digital Agent AI and automation solutions make it easy for customers to do business with you.

Financial Services

Enhance every touch-point with confidence using secure, PCI-certified AI and automation solutions.

Service Providers

Increase engagement and call center savings with intuitive AI and automation solutions.


Deliver an effortless customer experience and increase revenue with effective AI and automation.


Deliver an effortless customer experience with self-service available on any device and every channel.

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Here the Humach Difference

Check Balance

Digital Agents enroll a user by recording a voice print to use against their 4-digit PIN for future verification.

Reset Password

Digital Agents screen for related data like phone number and email to provide faster resolutions.

Update Credit Card

Digital Agents gather customer credit card details and can process secure payments with 100% compliance.

Use Cases by Application

Accounts + Memberships

Enhance self-service and satisfaction by allowing customers to update their own account and membership data.


Increase the efficiency and satisfaction of your customers and your team by automating claims processes.


Make customers feel valued with personalized greetings and interactions based on their account, location, and historical information.

Appointment Management

Free up your staff and enhance self-service with Digital Agents for dynamic appointment management.


Keep sensitive information secure by authenticating customers before Digital Agent assistance or human agent escalation.


Be more productive with your collections efforts with Digital Agent's secure, conversational AI transactions.

Order Management

Deliver effortless self-service at customer touchpoint for things like order status, tracking, returns, and more.


Automate support processes and collect important information before escalating to a live, human agent.

Billing + Payments

Allow customers to transact safely with automated PCI compliant payments available 24 hours a day.


Optimize customer self-service and satisfaction by automating answers to common customer questions.

Registration + Warranty

Delegate time-consuming manual product registration and warranty inquiries to Digital Agents for increased satisfaction.

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