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You’re the expert in YOUR own business, not Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). Let Humach be the experts for you! Our knowledgeable, seasoned Managed Services team will take care of everything. We continually guide and shape your solutions with you to ensure the most modern and cost-effective exceptional customer experiences.

Backed by Business Analysis, Conversational Design Specialists, Support Engineering, and AI Experts, your dedicated manager is a direct point of contact for implementation, training, ongoing support, and consulting. And we continually guide and shape your solution with you to ensure the most modern and cost-effective exceptional customer experiences.

Best of all, we don’t pile you with a list of tasks to complete during implementation and on-going management of your solution. You’re busy enough! During our define stage we will conduct an initial discovery session identifying key data points, and we’ll do the work from there to design and build a great customer experience solution, all managed by Humach. We’re here to do the heavy lifting for you!

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Automation is everywhere! Done right, the best solution can not only save you money but can ELEVATE your customer experience. Respond faster and with consistent quality and messaging. Minimize the impact of staffing issues and volume spikes.

But where do you even start? It can be hard to determine what is right for you, how your customers will respond, and if you’ll actually save money.

If your AI doesn’t make connecting with you faster and easier, you are only spending extra money to create a new source of frustration for your customers. A great digital experience is difficult to achieve without expertise.

Humach isn’t a vendor, we are a TRUE THOUGHT PARTNER, with you every step of the way. Consultation is inherent in every service we provide at Humach. Humach isn’t a vendor, we are a true thought partner, with you every step of the way. Our team is an extension of your organization, focused on your growth and improvement. We’ll review and suggest the right features that make sense for your budget, your timeline, and your vision. We are continually on the lookout for new technology solutions that will improve your CX outcomes.
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Our Approach

These questions are some of the many ways that the Humach team gets to know you, becomes embedded in your organization, and focused on your goals. We then leverage speech and conversation analytics to understand why customers are in contact and how you satisfy their inquiries so we can apply AI solutions that do the same.
Humach partners with leading CCaaS, SaaS and AI providers to ensure you have the best possible tools for an exceptional CX. We leverage our relationships and expertise to find and design the right solutions to meet your goals. With your oversight and our recommendations, we’ll reach an optimal CX solution that exceeds not just your customers’ needs, but the requirements of everyone in your organization.
Your team has enough to do. Building and training a team to handle your contact center platform and digital solutions is expensive and takes time. We’re already the experts and will leverage all features to achieve the best outcomes according to your requirements. Our specialists will build your CX flow, crate an intuitive AI solution, and configure specifications to your needs.
AI is not auto-magic. It takes attention, skill and dedication to make the machine continue to learn and improve. Our AI tuners know your business and understand your customer intents. We continually monitor for misheard language, conversation misses, and new inputs. We train the AI to listen better, hear more, improve its thinking, and expand the skills it can take on so that you can focus on the interactions.
We never stop working with you. Your dedicated manager knows your organization. We’ll establish a regular communication cadence to review past performance and discuss new opportunities. We will call out and implement new functionality that improves your CX and UX. Reviewing analytics with you and for you, we will identify areas of needed improvement and take action.

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