What Companies Use AI Customer Service?

Mitigate The CX Challenges With AI Customer Service

Automate costly, low-complexity tasks and benefit from convenient, fully secure self-service options with autonomous AI customer support.

33+ Years

Delivering top-tier chatbot AI customer service.


Omnichannel cloud migration in 90 days.


Improvement in first contact resolution with conversational ai-powered solutions.


Of customer interactions automated in 120 days or less.

Experience The Benefits of AI Customer Support

See how Humach’s AI customer service bots can help you boost your bottom line.

AI Customer Service & Support Solutions

Save Time By Automating Low-Complexity, Repetitive Tasks with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Eliminate time spent on time-consuming manual tasks with the aid of multilingual, always available digital customer service agents.

✅ Superior Self-Service Options

Leverage AI customer service chatbots to help customers resolve issues fast, without needing to speak to a live agent.

✅ 24/7 Customer Support

Our Digital Agents are available round-the-clock to handle order tracking, FAQs, password resets and much more

✅ Advanced Voice Capabilities

Humach utilizes natural language processing (NLP), voice biometrics and text-to-speech for secure, authentic automated interactions.

Agent AI Customer Service: Combine AI-Powered Solutions with Human Expertise

Leverage the strengths of AI and humans to deliver exceptional customer support with every interaction.

🔁 Human-in-the-Loop Model

Our expert conversational design team will train and validate Digital Agents to understand intent and get smarter over time.

📢 Complete Omnichannel Engagement

Benefit from AI-powered customer service solutions that let you interact with customers on any channel with limitless capacity. 

🧠 Intelligent Escalation

If a digital agent can’t address an issue with full confidence, it will be escalated to a live agent from our support team who can. 

AI Customer Support
AI Customer Service

Fully Compliant AI Customer Service For Medium and Small Businesses

Put your customers’ mind at ease with secure AI customer service solutions, while significantly reducing support and service costs.

✅ 100% Compliant Solutions

Protect your customers’ data with a fully HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant payment platform and steer clear of costly regulation fines and penalties.  

🌐 Secure Cloud Environment

Partner with Humach and go live with AI-powered Digital Agents that operate in a fully secure, scalable cloud environment. 

🔒 Complete Protection

Enhance your AI customer service impact by working with a provider who makes safeguarding sensitive information a #1 priority.

Satisfied Customers

Ensure that your customers’ expectations are met on any channel with a human augmented AI customer service representative. Our Digital Agents can customize interactions and answer an unlimited number of requests 24/7/365, boosting customer satisfaction.

Cut Costs

Benefit from Humach’s cost-effective chatbot AI customer service pricing. Our Digital Agents can efficiently automate repetitive, low-complexity tasks that are costing you time and money - all for 30% of the cost of a live, human agent.

Enhanced Engagement

Increase your capacity and connect with more customers via voice, chat, SMS or email, in real-time. Humach’s Digital Agents can interact, transact and multitask with limitless capacity which saves live agents an average of 25+ hours per week.

Full Compliance

Get secure, fully compliant AI-powered customer service & support solutions that are 100% PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant - helping safeguard your sensitive customer data and saving you from costly regulatory fees and penalties.

Increase Efficiency

Automate expensive, low value interactions with the help of our Digital Agents who will seamlessly escalate issues to a human agent whenever necessary. Improved efficiency is just one of the reasons why companies prefer ai customer service.

Machine Learning Model

Using our innovative Human-in-the-Loop machine learning model, our in-house team of Conversational Design specialists train and validate our Digital Agents to read and write customer data and understand intent - making them smarter and more capable with each interaction.

Ready To Bring AI-Powered Efficiency to Your Customer Experience?

Companies that use AI customer service enhance the customer experience at every touch point. How much is AI customer service? Contact Humach today to learn more!

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