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Incubate CX Solutions with Humach Labs

Enjoy peace-of-mind by testing our suite of AI & automation solutions via digital agents or technology enablement in a risk-free, controlled environment. Take full logistical control without the obstacles of long-term commitment or operational and IT disruption.

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Humach Labs gives you everything you need to launch an effective customer experience solution risk-free
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What's In It For You?


Deploy solutions with peace-of-mind knowing confidently that they're the best fit for your operation.

Why It's Important

90% of people said that dealing with a company that uses outdated technology would cause them to consider taking their business elsewhere.



Programs usually last 3-6 months and our experienced staff ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Why It's Important

Of the $1.3 trillion spent on digital transformation in 2018, an estimated $900 billion was wasted when initiatives didn't meet their goals.

Harvard Business Review

Maximum ROI

Our full feature analysis helps you determine the ROI of new technology before you commit to a full integration.

Why It's Important

U.S. businesses lose up to $1.8 billion each year in wasted productivity due to obsolete technology.


CX Technology Tools

Gain access to solutions and tools from Humach and our wide network of technology partners

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Business Support + Sponsorship

A Humach executive leads each program for continuous accountability and visibility

Maximum confidence + minimal disruption

Minimize risk and accelerate innovation by testing solution viability before committing to full implementation. To generate clear results, Humach Labs programs typically run between 3 to 6 months.


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