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Major Information Security Provider Increased Daily Conversion by 44%

An entire team of back-up agents were assembled in just 2 weeks, making it possible for this client to celebrate a major milestone with their entire team.
Information Security Case Study | Humach
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2020 Team Buy In Tips for Contact Centers

Team Buy-In Tips for Contact Centers in 2020

Let’s face it; contact centers are not an easy environment to manage. Every day, contact center agents are bombarded with disgruntled customers, long hours, and monotonous routines that lead to massive attrition rates. Part of a contact center manager’s role is increasing agent retention and

Managing A Contact Center Essential Tips

Essential Tips for Managing A Contact Center

Contact center management is not an easy task. It’s far more than merely scheduling agents. The workplace itself is a stressful arena, filled with constant turnover, high volume seasons, and thankless work. The contact center manager has a tough job. It’s up to you to

Leverage Customer Experience Through Better Retail Contact Center Practices

Leverage Customer Experience Through Better Retail Contact Center Practices

The path to the customer is continuously changing and evolving. Customer service experts have come to realize the holistic roadmap to the customer through creative touchpoints and previously ignored interactions. These realizations have permeated through more than just one niche or target audience and are

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