Humans when you need them.
Technology when you don’t.

Clients turn to Humach when they are looking for live agents, digital agents or are ready to rethink their entire CX strategy.

As an innovator in AI-driven technology, combined with world-class customer sales and support specialists, we manage your customer inquiries seamlessly. From anywhere: domestic, nearshore, or offshore.

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Digital Agents & CX

Digital Agents alone, are not the answer. Interact with customers on any channel at anytime. A comprehensive CX strategy that leverages Digital Agents allows you to interact with your customer when and where they choose. Humach Digital Agents have a wide variety of skills and multi-task with full compliance and unlimited capacity on any channel. They never get sick, ask for time off, and they’re significantly cheaper than their human counterparts.

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Natural language processing, text-to-speech, and voice biometrics for secure interactions real-time.



Understand user intent and interact with authentic, two-way, personalized conversation.
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Shorter interactions and concurrent support for customer notifications, alerts, and reminders.
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Authentic, two-way interactions that identify, organize, and prioritize customers based on their response.

Live Agents & CX

From Managed Services to Technology Enablement, we design CX experiences that are seamless, and customer focused. Yet, none of it matters without the right people.
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Let us turn your conversations into conversions with agents who act as an extension of your brand. Live Agents

Delight Customers

Customer service is a calling, and it separates the good brands from the great. Our team cares about your customers because they know we care about them. Live Agents

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Technology Enablement

Humach partners with leading CCaaS providers to ensure we deliver solutions that check all the boxes you would expect from a platform. Technology Enablement

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Humans plus Machine = A Better CX Strategy
Human + Machine = A Better CX Strategy
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