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Many organizations struggle with engaging their workforce, especially in the current climate of having some team members working in a virtual environment. Just rolling out of bed and taking calls all day – you’re not going to really have any kind of connection if there aren’t activities where you can feel a part of the company.

Whether a brick-and-mortar or virtual environment – we found a way to create that cultural connection.


Humach Spotlight

A 15-year call center veteran, Nancy Prine serves as the Head of Culture and Employee Engagement. Her sole purpose is to ensure strong, positive employee morale throughout our organization.

“How fortunate am I to be given the opportunity to do the job I was born to do? Inspiring, having fun and motivating people to love Humach as much as I do and feel a part of this family is the best gig ever!! You can feel the culture at Humach!!”

We frequently recognize, value and reward our Humachians.

Some of the awards that we give are based on perfect attendance. Others on exceeding expectations for one’s role in various ways such as being innovative, receiving numerous kudos directly from customers, or going the ‘extra mile’ on their own accord.

Still others are employee-nominated like our 30+ year running annual Excellence Award. This award is reserved for up to 3% of our entire employee population. It recognizes exceptional performance and dedicated commitment to the highest standards of excellence.

“Thank you so much for selecting me for the 3 Cheers Award, I greatly appreciate how this company treats us and doesn’t just talk a good game like other companies. I have spent too many years to count (and let’s not talk about how many hours) loving a job only eventually to not like the company I work for. Humach is doing a wonderful job, going above and beyond light years ahead of the others. I hope I get to retire here honestly.”

All Humachians show appreciation for each other. In fact, we offer a customized workshop on The 5 Languages of Appreciation open to all team members to share best practices and tips for showing appreciation, regardless of position or department.
From regular one-on-ones, team meetings and quarterly Town Hall meetings to monthly ‘Water Cooler Chats’ and our triannual employee engagement surveys, we aim to stay connected and truly understand opportunities for continuous improvement.
We take an honest look at what we can do differently and have made countless enhancements from suggestions made all over the organization in our 30+ years.
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“I see Humach improving each and every day which always makes me happy where I work. It is rare to see a company actually showing that they care and they have something to show for it. Humach cares about their people.”
We're like a family. Really.

So many companies claim they’re like a family. It’s almost like a trick to get people to apply to work there. With us, it’s real.

There are so many opportunities to participate, to get to know one another on your own team or from another department entirely.

We have ‘Campfire chats’, games, challenges and even a pen pal program where Humachians volunteer to be randomly paired up with another person from across the organization to communicate on a more personal level.

We take fun seriously.

With our Seriously Fun Committee, Humachians collaborate to plan activities open to everyone. A favorite is our annual ‘Humach’s Got Talent’ where team members share photos and videos of incredible acts such as singing in Turkish, rebuilding muscle cars, writing poetry and more.

We have so many activities; truly something for everyone. We recognize the importance of having a wide variety.

Humach always made me feel like family since day one and this is from every person within the company.
Customer Service Ambassador
Most places say they are a family but I have been impressed by the professionalism and the kindness I experience here every day. It makes coming to work so easy and enjoyable.
Customer Engagement Specialist
We are one big family, it’s not like a regular job we all actually care for one another.
Senior Subject Matter Expert
I have enjoyed being able to work from home with an actual team. I have never felt so much a part of a team until this company which is odd because you don't actually work in the same building with each other.
The little book clubs and movie clubs and such are really a huge part of why I love working for Humach. The uplifting emails and the dad jokes. All of it makes a good environment for us to work in!
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Culture + Employee Engagement = Better Retention.
Hu Matter Event Photo
Quarterly Hu-Matter Event
Humachians feel they have purpose and are part of something BIGGER. They Matter. Hu-Matter.

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