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Partner Performance Need Improvement? Consider This

Whether you have a single outsource partner, or multiple partners, we recognize that they will perform better when treated as part of the team. Even with the best intentions, there are times that outsource partners struggle and performance lags. When this occurs, it’s important to take swift

Friction-Free CX Is Here. Are You Ready?

Friction free as a term has been applied to the idea of capitalism, marketplaces and customer experience. The idea is to provide consumers easier access, whether that is to competing products, purchasing via mobile deviceor interacting with an organization. This may seem like a strategic concept to

Lessons Learned: Applying CX Principles To PX For Success

The healthcare industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, with no signs of leveling out in the near future. The regulatory and insurance company fluctuations have created both confusion and stress in the industry, making it difficult for healthcare executives to maintain positive momentum

3 Key Strategies To Align Multiple Outsource Partners

It is common for organizations to engage more than one outsource partner for a variety of business reasons, including business growth, need for niche providers and specialized needs such as additional security or compliance. However, this scenario also creates challenges for benchmarking success, ensuring continued communication and

Beware of Shiny Object Syndrome

As you’ve heard from us on many blog posts, technology is really amazing. Its possibilities are limitless, and it seems like every day something new and remarkable is rolled out to make our lives easier. But therein lies the problem: so much is happening so

Does Your Customer Service Have Empathy?

Will humans be supplanted by automation? Are we really approaching an era where artificial intelligence can do anything a human can? In the customer service industry, some might say yes. Whether it’s conversational AIthat makes you feel comfortable or that many in the UK believe that AI is

Humanizing Innovation – Amazon and Whole Foods Change The Game

When Amazon purchased Whole Foods, it sent the business community buzzing about all the potential reasons this acquisition did and did not make sense. Regardless of your stance, one thing is for certain – Jeff Bezos has a strategy that is likely to revolutionize the

Why Can’t Airlines Make Customer Experience Fly?

Airlines are struggling in today’s on-demand, consumer-focused world; a trend that is showcased through both documented passenger experiences and media coverage. As an industry at its most profitable in decades, it would make sense that it is also at its most successful. Yet recent media reflects just

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