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mAI Pilot

Real-Time Conversational
Intelligence for Best in Class CX
  • Accelerate your ROI & path to automation: guaranteed
  • Deploy in under 90 Days
  • 10% overall cost reduction
  • 20% automation containment rate in 1 year
  • Digital & Live Agents
CX Served Your Way

Transform Your Customer Experience Strategy with mAI Pilot

Exceptional customer service is crucial for success. Now, you can transform your business operations and elevate your customer service with mAI Pilot, a transformative solution from Humach. 
By seamlessly integrating advanced AI-driven technologies into your existing systems, mAI Pilot customizes and enhances customer interactions. It automates digital and voice communications with cutting-edge AI capabilities. This unique ‘solution-in-a-box’ approach streamlines processes and tailors the integration to your specific needs. It ensures a seamless fit that boosts operational efficiency and empowers your team.

With mAI Pilot, you can effortlessly deliver exceptional, personalized customer service.

Understanding the Power of AI in CX

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping customer service, enabling rapid, personalized, and efficient customer interactions. mAI Pilot utilizes AI to power digital agents and support live agents that transform how you connect with customers.

Instant Customer Support: 24/7

 AI driven digital agents available 24/7 deliver immediate responses, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Custom Language Model (CLM)

Our Custom Language Model (CLM) is trained and optimized on your content, allowing you to control the information and answers that are presented to your customers and agents.

Personalized Experiences

AI enhanced analytics enable personalized customer interactions by analyzing data to offer tailored product recommendations and address customers by name. This enhances the overall customer journey and makes service interactions more relevant and engaging.

Proactive Customer Service

AI tools utilize advanced analytics to predict and proactively address customer issues before they escalate by analyzing interaction patterns and feedback, enhancing customer retention and satisfaction.

Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy

AI systems enhance operational efficiency by processing and analyzing large amounts of data quickly and accurately to speed up issue resolution, inform decision-making, and automate routine inquiries. This frees human agents to focus on more complex tasks, optimizing time, and resources.

Improved CX: mAI Pilot Real-Time Conversational Intelligence
Increase Automation Containment

transfer logic and carry forward
prior conversation intelligence.

Reduce Average Handle Time

Live agent assist with
AI-driven knowledge,
dynamic scripting/prompts,
and call summary.

Accelerate Agent Proficiency

Interaction and sentiment
analyzer for post-call analytics,
actions, training, gap analysis,
and dashboards.

Improved First Call Resolution

Ingest your website, docs, and
assets to build a custom language
library with the right answers for
both digital and live agent assist.

Understanding the Power of AI in CX

mAI Pilot is more than a tool—it’s a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with your business, providing:

Customized Integration

Tailored to meet specific business needs, ensuring that customer interactions are personal and efficient.

Balanced Human-AI Interaction
Maintains essential human oversight, blending automated efficiency with the irreplaceable
human touch.
Scalability and Security

Scales effortlessly with your business needs while adhering to the highest data security and compliance standards.

How mAI Pilot Can Help Your Business

Discover how mAI Pilot can revolutionize your business operations and customer service experience with: 

Seamless Integration

mAI Pilot integrates smoothly with your existing business systems, minimizing disruption and enhancing customer service capabilities without significant overhauls.

Personalized Customer Experience

Tailor solutions to fit the unique needs of your business, ensuring that customer interactions feel personal and directly relevant, making each customer feel valued and important.

Human Touch

Maintain a human-in-the-loop to 
handle complex transactions or sensitive interactions, ensuring the technology complements rather than replaces human service, providing a sense of security and confidence 
in the technology.

24/7 Availability

Offer consistent and reliable support around-the-clock, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement.


Scale solutions to meet growing demand and evolving business needs, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation.

Enhanced Compliance and Security

Ensure all customer interactions comply with rigorous standards such as PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Benefits of mAI Pilot
Real-Time Conversational Intelligence

Accelerate your ROI and path to automation with guaranteed efficiency and customer satisfaction improvements, deploying within 90 days.

Advanced Technology Integration

Incorporate generative AI and custom language models that enhance digital interactions, making them more human-like and less mechanical.

Cost Reduction

Achieve a 10% overall cost reduction and a 20% automation containment rate within the first year.

Increased Customer Engagement

Increase automation containment, reduce average handle time, increase agent proficiency, and improve first-call resolution rates.

How mAI Pilot Can Help Your Business
Custom Language Models (CLM)
Developing a Custom Language Model:

Create a custom model using your content and define a specific prompt to guide responses. Utilize multiple top-tier LLMs (Large Language Models) like OpenAI’s GPT-4, Claude by Anthropic, or Meta’s Llama2.

Knowledge Management:

The Custom Language Model (CLM) is built for relevance by ingesting text, video, PDF and other enterprise sources of knowledge. Utilizing a custom prompt for formatting and guardrail, along with Retrieval Augmented Generation ensures the authoritative knowledge base provides the rights answers the way you want them.

Digital Agent for CX
Fully Automated Agent:

This agent supports text (chat and SMS) and voice channels. It handles intents like “open an account” with a friendly and natural conversation flow.

Voice Quality:

Provides the best-sounding voice for digital agents, instilling customer confidence and trust. Knows when to hand off to live agents for complex situations.

Live Agent Assist for CX
Enhanced Productivity:

Assists live agents with information at their fingertips via automated workflows, dynamic scripts, or call summarizations.

Repeatable Conversation Flow:

Displays real-time answers powered by customer data to help agents provide customized service and upsell opportunities.

Interaction Analyzer
Post-Call Analytics:

Post-Call Analytics synthesizes information from transcribed interactions, to assess issues, outcomes, and customer sentiment at the end of each call. It provides a consistent and unbiased summary, delivering actionable insights that allow live agents to quickly transition to the next customer interaction.

Data Analytics:

Utilizes cutting-edge reporting and analysis to ensure project efficiency at all levels. Includes automated post-call processing and AI-enabled intent identification for support gaps.

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