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With all the focus on going digital, it’s tough to remember that the basics are still important. Humach partners with leading CCaaS providers to ensure we deliver solutions that check all the boxes you would expect from a platform.
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We were raised on Voice Contact Center solutions. We’ll share all the dos and don’ts for an exceptional voice call CX. Let our voice experts craft the solutions that get your customers quickly and efficiently to the best available agent to handle their call.

Take advantage of all the functionality you would expect from a leading voice solution

What’s the best way to meet your customer communication needs? Be everywhere they are interacting with your content. We’ll create a full Omnichannel experience for your customers and agents to effectively communicate across any and all channels where you have a presence, applying robust routing logic to get your customers quickly to the best agents to handle their interactions.

Can you provide personal, targeted, efficient transactions with a bot? Absolutely! At Humach we couple experts in conversational design with a human-in-the-loop tuning and training process that ensures your AI is constantly improving to provide your customers with the best possible UX.

Humach Digital agents don’t replace humans – live agents will always be necessary for concierge-level transactions that involve a judgement call or empathy. But customers do embrace AI when it results in the kind of the friction-free interactions that Humach provides.

Take advantage of pairing the right transactions with digital agents

Change is hard. Your processes and analytics are already set up and bringing on a new solution would be SO disruptive, right? Never a problem with Humach! Humach will ensure that you can continue to use your established business tools and processes by delivering our data to you using secure APIs.

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Whether your team is very hands-on or relies heavily on automated monitoring, we have tools for every level to support your most precious asset – your agents. We’ll deliver the right solutions at the right time and the right price.

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