At Humach, we do training differently.

Training & Development

When you think of training, you probably think of a person standing at the front of a room giving a lecture. You’re staring at a PowerPoint slide with a bunch of bullet points that are being read to you much slower than you already read them to yourself. After a dozen or so slides the trainer asks, “any questions?” You don’t even know what your questions are because if you’re being honest, you were too focused on frantically writing down notes of everything the person was saying because you weren’t too sure what the important parts were yet (and oh no… will there be a test at the end?) or you lost consciousness within the first ten minutes and have been day-dreaming about what you’re having for lunch.

This is what’s wrong with the typical training program for Customer Service Representatives.

At Humach, we do things differently.

Customer Service Agents aren’t the only ones who participate in training.
We invest in all of our leaders, too. We designed a completely customized leadership series for all of our support staff. We also created a highly engaging Virtual Leadership Series including courses such as Virtual Leadership & Team Building, Virtual Communication, and Virtual Coaching specifically for those of our leaders who are virtual.
We recognize that for those teams specifically, there’s a different approach. Our virtual contact center employees and our brick-and-mortar employees have different needs. For all of our courses we design, develop and deliver based on what our leaders in our environment experience. They’re a true representation of what actually happens in a day-in-the-life, versus an off-the-shelf training on leadership that has little to no application.
We deliver and track all of our training programs using Humach University, our Learning Management System (LMS).

We value education and aim to live up to our commitment to continuous improvement not only in our own training & development programs, but in the personal lives of Humachians, too!

Humach and National University have partnered to bring a tuition reduction scholarship to team members who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills for professional and personal growth. Spouses and dependents of team members also qualify for a tuition reduction scholarship, which can be applied to most associates, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Humach Scholarship

Humach recognizes the importance of investing in our team and the need to empower everyone with the right skills to be successful. We have partnered with Dale Carnegie to deliver 20 hours of virtual instructor-led training in professional development for all of our professional staff on topics such as communication, time management, managing workplace stress, analyzing problems and making decisions, delegation, motivation, leading change, and more.

image of man smiling with headset
I enjoyed training and it was a great learning environment.
Customer Engagement Specialist
My training was amazing before getting on the floor.
Customer Engagement Specialist
The training is always clear and the people are so helpful.
Customer Engagement Specialist
Training is the name of our game! We have constant training and professional development!
Customer Engagement Specialist
The training is wonderful, very informative, and the training facilitators were extremely knowledgeable.
Customer Engagement Specialist
Humach has a great variety of professional development initiatives and they offer them directly to us
Customer Engagement Specialist
I feel like this training program goes so smoothly and that it was a really good way to learn everything. You get the knowledge and the practice.
Customer Engagement Specialist
The training is awesome. Trainers are happy to go into any scenario that might come up. They are great.
Customer Engagement Specialist
I had fun while learning.
Customer Engagement Specialist
Really enjoyed the class. Training was great.
Customer Engagement Specialist
Thank you for teaching us all with care and helping us become versatile Humachians 🙂
Customer Engagement Specialist
This was the best training session I have had.
Customer Engagement Specialist
You helped me see good paths to navigate some complex situations that we will see on the phones and really helped me feel more at home in my first remote job! It’s clear you and the others all care about new employees a lot and want to help us do our best 🙂
Customer Engagement Specialist
Very easy to communicate with. You can tell that they really care about the success of their class. They were very helpful and informative. I love their style of training. Very personable!
Customer Engagement Specialist
Thank you for taking the time and explaining everything in clear detail. One of the best trainings I have done.
Customer Engagement Specialist
Thank you for creating a welcoming and engaging training environment. You’re awesome!
Customer Engagement Specialist
The training was perfect. Everything was explained in depth and the trainer paid attention to everyone in the class, and all questions were answered.
Customer Engagement Specialist
Loved this training! It was fun, engaging and very helpful!
Customer Engagement Specialist
This has been one of the best trainings that I have experienced. Kudos to everyone who worked to get this done. This is top notch in my book. As an ambassador to come in and find it this simple and easy to navigate, of course once you shake off the nerves lol, I say Kudos to a JOB WELL DONE!!
Customer Engagement Specialist
Great job training team! Love the enthusiasm, support, hard work, dedication and effort each one of you all brings!
Customer Engagement Specialist
One of the best trainings I have been a part of. All top marks from me. Excited to train again next month!
Customer Engagement Specialist
This was the first time that I had the opportunity to take a training for a project in a remote format. I can’t believe how fun it was! I really had a very good week. Thank you so much for making this fun and simple!!!! You guys are awesome.
Customer Engagement Specialist
You guys have made such amazing tools for each and every one of us to utilize on our daily calls/helping agents and I LOVE THEM! I am so so soooo thankful for all the helpful tips and tricks! Keep up the amazing work we appreciate you!!
Customer Engagement Specialist
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