The implementation of customer-centric Digital Agents for sales and support in the healthcare subscription space.

What began as a small market research project turned into a 30-year growth story that resulted in a nearly 1,000 percent increase in revenue. The largest professional healthcare organization in the United States uses Humach AI-powered Digital Agents to improve account management and increase membership sales and support to its over 240,000 members. Their user-centric approach concentrates around creating an educational and informative member and customer experience. 

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Thought leaders at this major healthcare organization knew they were in need of an effortless user experience that further increased membership support and sales. That meant starting with customer surveys to get a comprehensive understanding of the current experience while also conducting outbound sales of their essential publications.

Humach agents aligned with their operation to become an extension of their brand and ultimately were able to represent this brand better than their current in-house human agents. During the first year with Humach, this healthcare organization experienced an increase of almost $1 million dollars in revenue from outbound sales alone – which has now grown to over $10 million per year.

Humach Director of Program Management, Charlotte Fauser, offered insight into the programs success saying, “We have a dedicated team of account managers that focus on retention and growth and everything in between”. Over the course of this clients business relationship with Humach, a consultative and strategic partnership began to emerge. Humach Vice President of Operations, Kelly Uhlrich says, “We established strong one-on-one relationships with customers but also gathered and synthesized data to uncover new ways to improve our service and grow their business”.

Piloting a Digital Agent
In 2019, Humach conducted a 38-day pilot program using an AI-powered Digital Agent to maximize the clients outbound email efforts and sales opportunities. During the pilot, the Digital Agent was given a list of 4,847 non-engaged contacts that fell into two categories. Group One was 2,500 records who had never been contacted due to invalid phone number or other contact information. Group Two had 2,347 records with 20+ failed prior engagement attempts.

In just over a month, the Digital Agent made a total of 33,929 engagements with a 50 percent average response rate from both groups. While interacting with these contacts, the Digital Agent also identified and escalated 158 new sales opportunities, 656 new phone numbers, new points of contact, and new customer support opportunities.

The Humach Difference
Kelly says, “After 30 plus years in the customer support space, we understand how customers think. Customers want to know theyre valued and they expect personalized, authentic interactions at any time. Businesses operating with humans alone often experience problems due to staffing and availability limitations. They cant match the level of efficiency that Digital Agents provide to an AI-augmented workforce”. Humach is now making it easier for sales and support efforts to work in unison with maximum efficiency by delegating time-consuming, manual interactions to AI-powered Digital Agents and further optimizing the customer experience.

The increased engagement, information, insight, and productivity from a single AI-powered Digital Agent has empowered both this organization and its customers. From the moment the customers interest is sparked to the moment they enroll, this healthcare organization is able to promote the betterment of public health through all of their efforts.

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