Intelligent Digital Agents are automating concierge self-service and increasing guest satisfaction.

Hotel concierges provide guests with prompt, courteous replies to queries about hotel amenities, local restaurants, transportation options, activities, and community activities – but, during peak times, human concierges miss critical opportunities to serve customers. This hotel franchisee with roughly 30 globally-branded hotels in the greater London area understood the negative impact this could have on guests experience. In efforts to increase capacity and optimize the guest experience without increasing costs, they decided to leverage the intelligence and authenticity of AI-powered Digital Agents to augment live hotel concierge agents.

Humach Digital Agents for Hospitality
Eastablishing a Baseline
In order to establish a baseline, hotel call logs were examined and revealed the number of abandoned calls to concierge agents were relatively low. However, the “overflow” calls were often routed to other agent teams that were not able to provide the guest with an applicable resolution. A study of the hotels primary call types determined that many guest inquiries could be automated and delegated to Digital Agents to increase guest satisfaction and staff productivity.

This prestigious hotel tested and deployed an AI-powered Digital Agent, a cloud-based speech-enabled omnichannel solution designed to improve human sales and support efforts. The friendly, humanized Digital Agent was integrated into the hotels cloud telephony system. This gives guests the ability to self-serve and receive hotel support 24/7/365 while still retaining the option to escalate seamlessly to a human when needed.

Digital Agent Results
After deploying the Digital Agent, guest call volume to live concierge agents was reduced by 40, which freed up human agents to focus on more high-level guest resolutions. When a conversation with a human is necessary, Digital Agents collect important guest information before escalating to a live agent, which reduced their average call time by 60 seconds. Digital Agents did not replace their human concierge counterparts, instead, the performance of live agents improved.

The hotel monitored guest satisfaction scores before and after deploying the Digital Agent. These scores remained consistent and positive, proving that intuitive, authentic AI technology can provide significant benefits while remaining virtually anonymous. From the time guests book their reservation to the time they check out, this hotel is promoting exceptional experiences and forward-thinking innovation at every touch-point – and theyve only scratched the surface of the Digital Agents capabilities.

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