Humach Healthcare Case Study

Reducing effort with the implementation of self-service solutions across all channels.

This organization is best known as a health information services website that offers users the ability to read content and store personal medical information using resources like symptom checklists, pharmacy information, drug facts, and physician blogs. They also offer services to physicians and private clients that includes publishing a patient-directed monthly publication distributed bimonthly to 85% of physician waiting rooms. It’s considered the leading source for trustworthy and timely health and medical news and information for the global population.

Humach Healthcare Case Study
Limited Resources
Thought leaders at this major healthcare organization were focusing on enhancing the experience for existing users and maximizing efforts to generate new growth. Their team of support agents were responsible for handling inbound customer inquiries but did not have a sufficient knowledge base to work at maximum productivity. Their team of outsourced sales representatives were responsible for generating sales with new leads and turning those leads into customers but were not selling as quickly or effectively as they could because they weren’t equipped with a script for an efficient sales motion.

While assessing the needs of their operation, they realized their teams lacked resources and wasnt as agile or effective as it could be in offering the sales and support experience they wanted. They needed an experienced customer service partner to develop solutions that would streamline their sales process and maximize their support efforts.

We understood, for a company who provides critical access to medical and health information and support, it’s important that customers are helped quickly. After learning more about the brands current customer experience, we saw an opportunity to reduce effort and enhance their experience by offering some additional helpful, self-service solutions while optimizing existing outbound sales.

Optimizing Customer Support
Before we could provide a helpful support solution, the Humach team needed a comprehensive picture of the current customer journey. We conducted an in-depth user journey analysis and mimicked behaviors of each user persona.Once that was complete, we were able to approach their pain-points with confident solutions, as a partner and a seamless extension of the brand. We then leveraged our years of sales support experience with our understanding of the brand and its users to develop a comprehensive knowledgebase and FAQs.

Giving agents and customers access centralized, relevant information made it easier to find answers to questions and proved to be an invaluable asset to their operation. This self-service solution successfully reduced their support interaction time by 60%.

Enhancing Sales Efforts
For their existing outsourced sales team to perform at maximum productivity, they needed to narrow the sales motion messaging for outbound calls, proactive email offers, and 30-day trial program offers. Using the insight from our customer journey analysis and our 30+ years of sales and support expertise, the Humach team designed helpful conversation scripts for this client’s current outsourcing partner.

These scripts helped their outsourced sales team engage faster and interact more efficiently. Agents directed callers to an online portal during the sales process and were met with a 60% adoption rate.

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