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Customer Experience Guidance for a Government Agency 

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A Humach CX Success Story 

The Omnichannel Support Challenge  

In 2020, a government agency desperately needed an efficient solution to facilitate COVID-19 vaccine scheduling amid the burgeoning pandemic. To achieve their goal, they would need to provide an agile IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, live agent support, and an omnichannel contact center platform that could handle appointment scheduling for COVID-19 vaccinations swiftly and seamlessly. And all of this had to be achieved within an extremely tight timeframe – just one weekend.  

Our client also encountered problems typical of sailing uncharted waters—due to a lack of infrastructure and high demand, the vaccination process had a rocky start. Confusion arose from multiple scheduling systems and government websites for appointments, particularly concerning older and/or less tech-savvy citizens.   

Recognizing the need for a flexible and real-time solution, the agency sought a contact center partner who shared their emphasis on agility and urgent service. They also required a partner that could scale up quickly without overburdening their internal resources.  

An Omnichannel Solution for Government Service Needs  

The agency approached Humach, a CX (customer experience) solutions provider, to address their pressing needs. They sought deeper reporting capabilities to keep state and city officials informed, a more adaptable IVR system, and a remote workforce capable of adjusting rapidly to evolving vaccine protocols.  

The impact of Humach’s CX solution was significant. Within 72 hours, our client was able to onboard 500 remote agents, enhancing their service level agreements (SLAs) by 22%. The introduction of a more agile IVR system, coupled with real-time reporting, enabled them to make immediate adjustments to ensure citizens’ vaccination needs were met efficiently.  

Our Humach-at-Home model, which leverages remote, cloud-based systems, proved the ideal solution. It allowed the agency to tap into a vast network of remote contact center agents who could access crucial scheduling and eligibility information, streamlining the vaccination process.  

Key Advantages of Humach-at-Home Remote CX Services  

One key advantage of Humach’s approach was the ability to train agents rapidly without straining the agency’s internal staff. In fact, we met and exceeded the agency’s expectations for speed and implementation, launching the program in less than 72 hours.  

Humach’s cloud-based technology architecture offered benefits such as call recording, custom reports, and access to contact center KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), all of which aided agent coaching and improved customer satisfaction. Our solutions also explored opportunities to automate eligibility and health screening questions across multiple channels, further streamlining the scheduling process.  

As vaccine scheduling and distribution continued to evolve, the partnership promised to offer new ways to simplify communication and support for citizens, ensuring their safety during the pandemic. This government agency found in Humach a long-term partner dedicated to providing exceptional customer support and helping them achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.   

Check out the case study below to learn more:  

Live Agent Support to Simplify Vaccine Scheduling 



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