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Empowering Women

Empowering Women: The Driving Force Behind Tech Success in Customer Service Solutions

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March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate and honor the awesome things women have accomplished throughout history and recognize their contributions in Customer Experience. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology-driven customer service solutions, one powerful yet sometimes overlooked force stands out: the influence of women. At Humach, we passionately recognize and celebrate the incredible contributions women have made in shaping the success and innovation of our industry. Their impact has been instrumental in driving not only our company but also the transformation of CX. As we further enhance the synergy between humans and machines, we strive to build upon this excellence and empower women in this industry to have a voice as impactful as anyone else’s.


Our CEO, Tim Houlne, had the honor of serving as a keynote speaker at a networking series hosted by theDFW Alliance of Technology and Women at the University of Texas at Dallas Campus. He emphasized the immense opportunities and empowerment that AI brings to the professional journeys of both women and men. Statistically, women are breaking through barriers that fuel the advancement of technology and customer service. Currently, 70% of the Frontline CX workforce are women, with 30% of them making it into CX management, and 12% of these women reach leadership positions. Our hope is for women to achieve their ambitions by building inclusive workplaces where women of all identities feel supported and empowered. Everyone should give women the support and skills to navigate bias and lean into their strengths. Our training director, Dezaray Hammonds, has implemented the StrengthsFinder assessment by Gallup’s CliftonStrengths program as part of our leadership training. This program is designed to help all management and leadership personnel fully understand their unique strengths and learn how to leverage them effectively. It enables individuals at every level of the organization to thrive by promoting better collaboration and productivity through a deeper understanding of personal and team strengths.


Our commitment to recognizing the vital role of women in tech success, specifically Customer Service Solutions extends to every level of our organization. From our leadership team to our frontline employees, we actively support an environment where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated. We believe that by supporting women in technology, we cultivate a culture of innovation and inclusivity that drives our success forward. Whether it is a mentorship program, leadership development, or specific training, we empower women to thrive and excel in every aspect of their careers.


Women Fuel Innovation

By embracing a variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, we create an environment strong for creativity and problem-solving. Women bring unique insights to the table, challenging conventional wisdom and inspiring us to explore new frontiers in customer service technology. By tapping into the collective intelligence of our team, we’ve been able to deliver customer service solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.


“As innovators in the AI and Automation space, we at Humach have always believed in the transformative power of technology to revolutionize customer service.”- Kelly Uhlrich, Chief Operations Officer


Leadership and Mentorship

Beyond their direct contributions to technology and customer service solutions, women also excel as leaders and mentors within our industry. Their guidance, mentorship, and advocacy pave the way for the next generation, encouraging them to pursue careers in different fields and equipping them to overcome obstacles. We encourage to always be deeply committed to nurturing a culture of mentorship and human empowerment. Our female leaders serve as inspiration, guiding and nurturing aspiring talent within our organization and beyond. Through mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and initiatives aimed at empowering our team, we’re striving towards a future where women hold equal representation and support.


There is always a solution to every obstacle, you just have to find it! – Jennifer Herrig


Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the essential role of women in driving tech success in customer service solutions, it’s evident that their influence is both profound and irreplaceable. We continue our dedication to empowering women and leveraging the full spectrum of talent and perspectives to fuel innovation and excellence in customer service technology. Together, we’ll persist in breaking barriers, challenging conventions, and forging a path towards a more inclusive and prosperous future in CX.


“We’re not just breaking industry barriers; we’re building bridges to a future where every human can thrive alongside AI, transforming the landscape of customer service and technology.”- Lissette Perez Marketing Admin



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