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Exploring Jamaica’s Nearshoring Advantage

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Proximity, U.S.-Cultural Affinity Propel This CX Destination

When accessing nearshoring contact center markets, the destinations can be grouped into four distinct categories: emerging, declining, contenders, and leaders.

Jamaica stands alone atop all nearshore markets.

Utilizing nearshoring means choosing a viable, lower-cost country, territory, or region closer to the United States. There are multiple benefits to this approach including distance, skill set, capability, and work ethic. The Humach team quickly recognized the benefits that would be added to the already rich contact center services provided at their nearshore facility in Kingston, Jamaica.

“When we decided to move forward with a brick-and-mortar nearshoring contact center, we wanted to ensure quality for clients and connection with our local team,” says Kelly Uhlrich , Humach’s chief operating officer. “There are many factors to consider beyond cost. Our choice will yield solid benefits for our clients as well as our organization.”

There are multiple reasons contact center sales and support services can be nearshored, and multiple places to consider. So, what is it about Jamaica that makes it a great choice?

Premium Quality that is Affordable

When selecting a nearshoring destination, cost savings are generally always a consideration and these markets constantly have an edge over domestic operations, but there are other benefits to consider.

“Jamaicans view contact center roles as a profession, and are eager to work in these roles,” says Uhlrich. “The talent we’ve been able to attract is astounding.”

The Jamaican labor market offers a deep pool of prospective contact center staff ranging from entry-level roles to seasoned management staff. The contact center industry also benefits from strong government support through various agencies such as JAMPRO and the education programs and subsidies that support the sector.

“There are well-educated, motivated professionals in Jamaica who are looking for career opportunities,” says Uhlrich. “They embrace contact center careers with a positive attitude.”

According to Kelly, approximately 50% of the workforce have a college education and are committed to professional development opportunities to advance their education.

“We have seen an incredible commitment to their career, and to our team. It is quite refreshing,” says Uhlrich. “They are grateful for our company culture and apply themselves constantly to continually improve.”

Another benefit is the country’s proximity. Jamaica is in the eastern time zone, making the time difference attractive to supporting customers in the United States.

It’s More than “Jamaica ‘Mon’”

Initially, any discussion of Jamaica conjures images of sandy beaches and a serious vacation vibe. That is part of the country’s makeup. However, there is an entirely different side that most do not see.

“In Kingston, there is a definite pro-business attitude,” says Uhlrich. “The technology infrastructure has undergone massive improvements in the last decade, plus the country is not overly saturated with contact centers so there is an educated labor pool to draw upon.”

One of the major benefits of nearshoring in Jamaica is the cultural affinity for all things American. There is a significantly lower language barrier, with English being the primary language.

“It was amazing to hear the agents speak to customers and their ability to speak with a neutral accent,” says Uhlrich. “They are more in tune with our way of life, having grown being exposed to our consumer trends through traditional and social media.”

Many Jamaicans have family residing in the U.S. and a feeling of unity comes from their understanding of the American way of life. They know the geography, watch American sports, and are immersed in U.S. culture.

Nearshoring – The Best of Everything

There has been an uptick in the pricing in traditional offshore locations that have been synonymous with outsourcing in the past. Coupled with market saturation, these areas may not provide every organization with the best contact center support services. Nearshoring provides cost savings, impressive labor markets, and superior English aptitude.

“We love the excitement our Jamaican agents bring to the table. They are willing to sell, upsell and focus on retention programs. These are harder positions to fill in the U.S.” says Kelly. “Coupled with the nuances they bring to the table due to their cultural affinity; we find it easy to train and deploy these agents.”

Humach’s Jamaican facility offers another option to include ‘humans in the loop’  in its unique offering that blends live agents with digital agents to provide clients with unmatched customer experiences through voice, chat, email, or social media. But there is also the piece of mind to be able to get on a plane in the morning from any number of U.S. airports and be speaking to the agents and staff supporting your customers that afternoon.

Choosing the right contact center outsourcing company is key to finding whether your organization should consider a nearshore option. For over 30 years, it’s been our mission to provide contact center services that transform brands, support teams, and grow businesses. We’re here to answer all your questions and tell you about your options so that you can confidently decide if outsourcing is right for you. Ready to learn more?


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