Five benefits of a domestic call center service

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Giving customers your all means putting your heart into it — and you know the saying.

Home is where the heart is.

Outsourcing is often the best choice for your call center service, and your budget. But many companies in this global economy have resorted to foreign contact center services. While these may be the cheapest option, they are most certainly not the best.

Let’s face it:  contact centers have a stigma. Many of the negatives are inherent — people call in about issues or problems they are having, so by nature the interaction starts off on a negative footing. But one common complaint is that the person on the other end of the phone is so far away that they couldn’t possibly relate to, care about, or understand the customer’s struggle.

This can be extremely damaging to a brand. Customer experience is the cornerstone of retention, advocacy and even garnering new business.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to domestic, or you’re considering where to start, here are some things to consider:

Better experience, better service

High quality customer service means getting down and dirty with the details. It’s more than just following prompts or scripts, it’s about  familiarity with the problems, struggles and language of your customers. You’re staff need to form a personal connection in any way possible with the customer in order to provide premiere customer service.

If a customer feels understood, they are much more likely to align themselves with your brand.

Keep your brand close

You’ve worked tirelessly to create and protect your brand, why take shortcuts with your call center service?

Not only is compliance with laws and rules a must, but preserving the connection with your customers is invaluable. The interactions between your representatives and your customers should be consistent throughout your customer experience, and there is no better way to do that than with a domestic contact center.

Understanding your service or product

Your agents should be familiar with your brand. They should understand your products or service thoroughly to better answer customer inquiries. Successfully relating to your customers takes intimate knowledge of their experience.

Domestic representatives have probably been in the same shoes as the customers that are calling in at some point in their lives. They can personally understand the situation and experiences; this will arm them with the tools necessary to provide empathetic service. They are familiar with the domestic customer experience journey, every step a customer goes through before they end up contacting a representative. This will foster a personal and better overall experience for your customer.

Cultural or language barriers

Yes, speaking the same language will inevitably benefit the relationship between your business and your customers. It can be frustrating to fumble through a phone call, with gaps or loose ends because of a language barrier.

But it’s not just the language that is important, it’s the cultural knowledge of specifically North American perspectives. These are often subtle, and almost unconscious during an interaction.

Flexibility and agility  

It’s not rocket science. Proximity makes things go faster and more smoothly. It also allows for pivoting and flexibility if things need to be changed or ramped up.

It also allows you to meet onsite, providing a more personal touch to your client interactions.

Interested in a domestic call center service?

If you want world-class customer sales and support specialists with next-generation contact center outsourcing technology to deliver an integrated, omnichannel, and frictionless solutions that engage customers wherever they are, contact us to learn more about our domestic call center services.



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