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Guiding customers seamlessly through the omnichannel journey

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When consumers tap into customer service or sales, it’s not because they want to. It’s because they want something, have a problem that needs solving, a question that needs answering, or an issue that needs clarifying. That being said, the customer’s expectations for the service and sales process are going to be on more of a hotseat than any other services they might reach for, since factors like speed, accuracy, and accessibility will be weighed along with traits like empathy, helpfulness, and approachability.

The key to a customer’s heart is by smoothing the seams and making the experience feel like a non-event while also maintaining brand distinctiveness. The customer shouldn’t realize the transaction has many layers, because he or she should be immersed in the solution. The transaction should move beyond mere customer service and into the realm of customer experience.

On the customer representation side of business, there are a multitude of technologies available to streamline customer experiences. The implementation of omnichannel components like artificial intelligence (AI), robust mobile presence, and better data management, which gives a more dynamic glimpse of a customer profile.

The robots aren’t replacing us, but they’re lending an important hand

AI is gaining traction as a major player in the customer experience world. From automated interactive recordings that act as a buffer between human interactions, to handling the simpler transactions, to engaging employees, AI solves problems with an efficiency that is largely inaccessible to humans. Gathering initial information to sculpt a better human-driven customer experience can significantly increase the effectiveness of the customer interaction, and cut out noticeable roadblocks like excessive wait times, potential misunderstandings, and repetition of information.

AI technology is gaining rapid traction, and reports from Aberdeen suggest that it has a major impact on revenue and marketing effectiveness. AI is an essential part of a fully integrated omnichannel platform for smoother customer experiences.

Lean on the mobile optimization

A strong mobile presence is another way to guide customers through the omnichannel service platform smoothly. Mobile options boost customer outreach and tap into the convenience afforded by mobile accessibility, since mobile has rapidly overtaken desktop web usage since about 2014. People want options, and they want to have them from anywhere, so it’s no surprise that having a strong mobile presence lends well to seamless customer experiences. Enabling a mobile experience allows customers to engage with companies wherever and whenever they want.

Optimizing a company’s mobile presence will have great impact now and in the future to retain customer loyalty and provide an experience that is fluid and flexible.

Custom profiles for a personalized experience

Gauging customer needs begins with having well-compiled data. Without that background it’s difficult to create the highly personalized experience that customers tend to respond to favorably. Customized experiences go hand-in-hand with an omnichannel platform package, since automated collections of initial customer profiles can be utilized by human customer service representatives to create a highly efficient and smooth interaction with a customer. With the right data, companies can have the right information to gain crucial knowledge about their customers to deliver a seamless customer experience.
Incorporating an omnichannel platform into the customer experience provides a unique opportunity to really connect with each and every customer, a feat that once had far more mixed results for contact centers.


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