Guaranteed ROI

That's Right.
Guaranteed ROI.
Commitment from the CEO of Humach, Tim Houlne.

We guarantee we can reduce average handling time (AHT) by 12% while at the same time provide 16% improvement in automation (within 6 months of the Go-Live date!).

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Humach guarantees to automate 16% of your customer experience transactions in the first 6 months of operation or you pay us NOTHING.

Humach guarantees to outperform your current vendor, or we will waive 100% of set-up, implementation, and training fees. Champion / challenger model at no cost? What do you have to lose?

Why are we so confident?
On average we:

Reduce headcount by


Improve CSAT by


Speed to Agent Proficiency


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How do we do this? Uniquely!

Humach Labs

Through our Humach Labs where we customize solutions combining the right mix of live agents, AI and Automation and Managed Services.
Humach Labs will Identify Gaps in your approach to CX, Unleash Intelligent Interactions and Fuel Perpetual Growth!
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How Does It Work? Here's an Example.

If Humach doesn’t achieve these outcomes for services rendered - we will credit you the difference between actual results and the guaranteed threshold. 

This is a RISK FREE opportunity! Why wouldn’t you start your “Path to Automation” with Humach?
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