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Healthy Growth for Medical Information Website through Optimized Customer Experience

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A Humach CX Success Story 

The CX Challenge 

Our client, the country’s leading online medical database, reduced interaction time by an impressive 60% thanks to a partnership with Humach. To set the scene, our client approached us to address two significant challenges:  

  1. In-house customer inquiry agents were struggling to meet productivity goals due to resource constraints  
  2. Their outsourced sales team was falling short of lead generation and retention targets. 


The client, renowned for its health information services website and monthly patient-directed publication, saw in Humach an experienced customer service partner, one who knew how to enhance user CX (customer experience) and drive growth.  

A Customized CX Solution 

During the discovery period, Humach pinpointed the source of the lack of preparation in both their in-house and outsourced teams: in-house agents lacked an adequate knowledge base, leaving them ill-prepared to represent the client’s brand effectively, while outsourced agents faced challenges with inefficient sales scripts. 

To address these issues, Humach devised a comprehensive solution to streamline the client’s sales process, making their sales teams more efficient and adaptable. Recognizing the critical nature of the client’s services in supplying access to medical and health information, Humach focused on providing prompt service and optimizing customer support. 

Humach conducted an in-depth user journey analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey and identified CX pain points. Leveraging their extensive sales experience and knowledge of the client’s brand, they developed a knowledge base and FAQs, centralizing relevant information for agents and customers.  

This centralization of information significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of both self-service options and live support, resulting in a remarkable 60% reduction in average support interaction time. 

The transformation also extended to the client’s outsourced sales team, for whom Humach developed a plan to refine messaging for outbound calls, proactive email campaigns, and 30-day trial program offers. New scripts were created to engage customers more swiftly, making all customer service interactions more efficient. By directing callers to an online portal, the sales team achieved a 60% adoption rate for the client’s online portal.  

Reduced Support Interaction Time and Increased Adoption Rate 

Once again, Humach’s expertise in customer service and sales support proved invaluable in addressing a client’s needs. These solutions not only streamlined client sales processes and boosted efficiency but also significantly improved the overall customer support experience. With a 60% reduction in support interaction time and a 60% adoption rate for the online portal, the client’s goals of enhancing user experience and driving growth were successfully achieved, bolstering their position as the premier online medical database. 

Check out the case study below:

The Worlds Premier Online Medical DataBase Reduced Interaction Time by 60



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