What is a Digital Agent?

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Humans Create Personalized Customer Experiences

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When the term Artificial Intelligence (or AI for short) was first introduced into the lexicon of the business world, it sounded scary. Was society finally at the point technologically where computers and emotionless robots were going to take over everything, leaving the humans that created them in the rearview mirror? Thankfully for us, this has not happened and will most likely not occur anytime soon.

Even though AI still might seem cold and by definition out of touch with being able to help create meaningful experiences between people, nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s Artificial Intelligence technology in the business sector is extremely good at putting customers in touch with the right people at a company to best help solve problems. A great example of this is the use of AI in customer call centers.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Simply put, Artificial Intelligence is a computer’s ability to form logical relationships between concepts, which optimizes its ability to resolve issues. When it comes to AI being effectively used in human staffed call centers, the technology has proven to be a big part of creating extremely satisfactory customer experiences.

Let’s take a closer look at how Artificial Intelligence can help a call center serve customers who are reaching out to a company for help.

The Ability to Personalize a Caller’s Experience

In the early days of AI, the technology was simply used to route calls to the right department. While it’s always important to be able to speak with the right area of a company to solve problems, AI today can do so much more.

The latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence allows companies to utilize customer profile data to personalize a caller’s experience by routing them to a human agent who best matches their own communication style and personality traits.


Most people reading this blog have interacted with a company’s chatbot at some point in recent years. Powered by AI, this technology gives customers the ability to immediately find information from a company’s website that will be most helpful to them. Most questions that call centers receive each day are repetitive, meaning that many people ask about the same topics on a regular basis.

Chatbots improve the customer experience by providing callers with the answers they need right away without having to wait on hold for a human customer service rep. This technology also frees up staff members to spend their time helping customers with more complex problems that only a human brain can solve.



 Emotional Intelligence – The Great Irony

When a person has emotional intelligence, they have a keen sense of being able to read another’s temperament and adjust their communication style appropriately. As ironic as it seems, Artificial Intelligence technology has made great advances in emotional intelligence as well.

AI can help human customer call center reps by giving them real-time insight (via messages on their screen) about a customer’s tone, voice volume as well as a wide variety of other reliable mood indicators. Based on this information, the call center employee can adjust their approach with a customer so their communication style is as effective as possible.

May I Suggest?

Artificial Intelligence technology also has the ability to make real-time suggestions to a call center rep on how to best resolve an issue based upon the circumstances of it. Utilizing what is known as sentiment analysis, the AI platform can comprehend what a caller’s goals are for the experience. This kind of assistance not only increases the personalization level of the interaction for the caller, but also saves time so reps can move on to solve other customers’ problems more quickly.

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans?

The good news for us humans is fortunately no. No computer technology thus far has been able to come anywhere close to duplicating the human brain’s ability to interpret information and process it to solve problems. However, Artificial Intelligence can be a great tool in helping to create memorable and satisfactory experiences for customers. In today’s world where individuals crave personalized service more than ever, the combination of human interaction coupled with advanced technology is a true recipe for success.


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