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Utilize advanced, AI-supported IVR solutions to build trusted relationships with customers and decrease resolution times.

What Does IVR Stand for in a Call Center?

Call Centers often use the automated phone system technology, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), as it allows incoming callers to easily obtain any information without having to speak to an actual agent. This type of technology utilizes many different types of features to ensure complete customer satisfaction and reduce resolution times.

What Does IVR Do?

An expertly designed Call Center IVR software system can change the game for businesses looking to create a seamless customer service experience. Through the simple and easy-to-use navigation options, customers can handle any routine transactions without the need of an external agent.

As calls get answered faster, customers satisfaction is higher and your costs are lower.

Simplify Customer Support

Leverage IVR software that uses conversational AI and speech recognition for customized, streamlined customer experiences.

Boost Agent Efficiency

Automated call routing ensures customers are delivered to the right live agent, reducing confusion and repeat questions.

True Omnichannel Experience 

Our modern IVR software allows you to transition effortlessly from managing voice calls, to chatbot messages, SMS and more.

24/7/365 Customer Support

Deliver exceptional customer service any time of day or night, across every channel with tailored IVR solutions.

Looking to revolutionize the way your call center operates? It’s time to give IVR a try. Request a demo today and see the true difference AI can make for your company.

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Humach’s IVR Solutions Are Trusted By These Top Brands

Improve Your ROI with One of The Top IVR Systems in the U.S.A.

Automate call routing and help customers resolve issues faster with the best IVR solutions.

33+ Years

Providing advanced  interactive voice response (IVR systems)


Improvement in first contact resolution with next generation engagement

1.2+ Billion

Interactions handled per year with our interactive voice recognition software


PCI-DSS and HIPAA-compliant solutions


Using IVR Systems Doesn’t Need to be a Robotic Experience

Our IVR software can better understand customer intent – using advanced speech recognition and conversational AI to deliver better customer service.

Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) Software Systems & Solutions

Provide Better, Faster Customer Support

Partner with one of the top IVR companies in the USA to create better support channels and maximize profitability in your call centers.

Conversational AI

Our Digital Agents are trained to understand intent and get smarter in time. If they can’t solve an issue, it’ll be escalated to the right live agent.

Convenient Self-Service Options

Increase efficiency with self service IVR software that allows callers to resolve issues fast, without needing to speak to a live agent.

Handle High Call Volumes

Leverage our advanced IVR to maximize accessibility during spikes in call volume. We also offer callback options and outbound IVR solutions to round out your support channels.

Increase Efficiency With Modern Interactive Voice Recognition Software

Eliminate hand-offs and repeat questions with an IVR platform that intelligently handles customer calls. 

Establish Call Prioritization 

Manage call flows and route requests based on pre-set criteria – ensuring the most pressing issues get resolved first.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Automated routing saves agents the trouble of rerouting calls and frees up their time to focus on high-value customers who need them the most.

All-in-One CX Solution

Integrate all of your CX solutions for a full view of your customer’s journey and interactions in one place, for a seamless omnichannel experience.

IVR software
Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) Software Systems & Solutions

Boost Customer Satisfaction with Modern IVR Technology & Self-Service

Empower customers to self-serve with interactive voice response systems & solutions for a faster, more intuitive customer experience.

Increase First Contact Resolution

Improve first contact resolution by 22% with next-generation IVR technology and self-service automation. 

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Our cloud IVR solutions integrate with your CRM in real-time to deliver more personalized, intuitive experiences. 

Fully Compliant IVR Solutions

Interact and transact with 100% PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant  interactive voice recognition software to ensure customer data stays safe.

Happier Customers

Unlike robotic, traditional IVR, our modern interactive voice recognition system is friendly, intuitive and personal. Forget time-consuming IVR updates - our experts can update scripts & call flows in real-time to handle your calls and deliver a customer experience that constantly improves.

Reduced IVR Systems Costs

Every minute call center agents spend with customers costs money. Using natural language understanding and conversational AI, our IVR technology resolves repetitive inquiries and escalates complex requests to the right agent instantly - reducing resolution and handle time, while optimizing costs.

Increased Agent Efficiency

By automating a wide variety of repetitive and mundane tasks, our next-generation IVR solution frees agents from time-consuming, error-prone backend tasks and allows them to re-focus on providing exceptional customer support. Contact us to learn about the best IVR software in North America.

Personalized Interactions

Don’t settle for subpar IVR software - choose a solution that helps you connect with and understand your customers. What is different about Humach’s interactive voice response (IVR systems)? Next-level, intuitive, self-aware AI that delivers personalized, user-friendly experiences.

Customer-Centric Self-Service

Contrary to what you may think, not every issue requires live agent assistance, which is why the ability to self-serve is what defines top IVR solutions. Our AI-powered self-service capabilities and outbound IVR solutions allow customers and agents to resolve issues faster and more efficiently.

100% Compliance

The importance of full compliance isn’t exclusive to healthcare or pharmacy IVR systems - all businesses should prioritize safety and confidentiality of sensitive customer data. Unlike other IVR companies and providers, Humach’s solutions are 100% HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant.

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