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A Humach Case Study in Healthcare Digital Agents

By Kolby Harvey, Ph.D.
Head Content & Conversational Strategist

The largest professional healthcare organization in the United States uses Humach Digital Agents to manage its 240,000+ accounts and boost sales. While Humach has enjoyed a 30-year-long partnership with this client, we haven’t always been their technology vendor for digital agents. Here’s the story of how we came to fill that role for one of our most valued partner organizations.

Fast Digital Agent Implementation

With peak season on the horizon, our client found themselves in a predicament. Steadily declining returns from their outbound sales initiatives told them they needed to innovate, while their calendar told them they had little time to implement the level of change necessary for success.

Thankfully, Humach specializes in custom digital agent solutions, and we have a knack for implementing them quickly, this time in just two weeks. Our plan: to build a digital agent solution that would improve ROI by driving customers to scheduled calls and email conversations. We began by carefully analyzing data provided by the client, focusing on their hardest-to-reach customers.

“Humach built a model for unexpected needs, one that leaves room to find creative methods for expanding capacity when required.” —Client Director of CX

Patient Segmentation in Healthcare

Our findings allowed us to segment our client’s customer base into groups according to buyer size and difficulty of contact, which tripled the sales outreach population. From there, our campaigns strategically targeted each group, achieving a 50% response rate. The digital agent solution increased our client’s outbound contact rate by 38%, with one campaign alone resulting in 2,500 online registrations.

Our Digital Agent solution also generated $600,000 in revenue, half of which was “found”—meaning it came from a lead formerly identified as cold that Humach “reheated.” Overall, the campaigns we created for this client produced a 13% increase in ROI.

At Humach, we approach every relationship as a potential partnership, always keeping an eye on the long term. While anyone can sell technology, we strive to do more—to be a source of trusted advice to offer (in the words of this client) “strategic planning support beyond that of a typical vendor.”

“We were able to increase our viable population for sales outreach by 300% using the digital agent.”—Client Director of CX

After years of working with this client, exploring new contact solutions territory together proved exciting (and lucrative), building a thought partnership that our client’s Director of CX described as “accountable, nimble, and enthusiastic.” Check out the case study below to read more.

Largest U.S. Healthcare Association Increased Engagement by 50



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