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Thanks a Million! (in Outbound Sales with Increased CX Support)  

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A Humach CX Success Story  

The Sales Team Expansion Challenge  

When one of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States sought to expand its sales team while maintaining its brand, it partnered with Humach to ensure its brand integrity was supported and its high standards were met.  

A Multi-step Strategy for CX Experience and Sales Team Expansion  

Humach began by distributing a customer survey and leveraging the results with their deep understanding of customer experience to align their operations with the client’s goals and culture. This alignment helped ease concerns about brand dilution, leading to Humach taking over all sales efforts for the client’s national publication.  

Next, Humach organized focus groups with their agents and Account Managers to gain profound insights into the client’s customer base. They developed a sophisticated system that segmented customers based on relevant criteria, facilitating skill-based assignments and lead scoring to drive repeat orders. This database segmentation allowed Humach to allocate resources efficiently and explore more segmentation options, such as dedicated Account Managers for large buyers and Academic Account Management positions tailored to academic buyers’ unique schedules.  

Exceptional Growth with Humach’s CX Partnership  

The results of this partnership were impressive, with $1 million in outbound sales generated in the first year and an annual sales figure of $10 million. The average order size increased by 26%, a crucial metric gained through Humach’s strategy of offering bundles and package deals to customers. These packages, complete with discounts, resonated with customers and led to larger orders.  

Over the years, the relationship between this leading healthcare organization and Humach has evolved into a comprehensive strategic partnership spanning six business units. Humach provides omnichannel support, including inbound support, outbound sales, lead generation, direct fax marketing, and specialized email and texting services. The partnership has proven successful and secure, with no security failures to date.  

A Model for Unexpected CX Needs by Humach  

Despite the challenges faced by the client, Humach’s flexibility and proactive approach have allowed them to meet the organization’s evolving needs.   

The client’s Director of CX recommended Humach for creating “a model for unexpected needs, one that leaves room to find creative methods for expanding capacity when required.”   

Despite periodic Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from the client, Humach’s dedication, accountability, skill, and enthusiasm have consistently led to the renewal of their partnership. This partnership has not only led to substantial revenue growth but has also set an example of a dynamic and enduring collaboration built on trust, flexibility, and a commitment to excellence in customer support.  

Read the case study below to learn more!  

Largest U.S. Healthcare Organization Claims 1 Million in Revenue in First Year of Partnership 




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