Why Are Traditional Customer Service Calls Outdated?

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Many businesses have some type of customer service, whether it be by email or customer service calls. However, now that customers are reaching out to companies with questions on many different mediums at different times throughout the day, traditional customer service calls are no longer as effective and efficient as they used to be. Here are some reasons why the traditional service calls are becoming outdated.

Your Customers and Business Have Limited Time

Customer service calls can be time-consuming for both the customer and the business itself. With so many menus to navigate and hold times increasing due to downsizing or increased call volume, it can be frustrating for those involved. According to, 75% of customers become frustrated when they can’t reach a live agent, which is exacerbated when companies don’t have the staff to handle all incoming customer calls. When customers can’t get through, they may feel like a business is ignoring them or that they don’t operate well and move on to a different option.

With Humach, your customers can interact with both digital and live agents when they need to, so you can feel confident knowing that your customers have their questions answered as they (and you) see fit.

Traditional Methods Can Be Costly

Customer service calls are more costly to maintain than other options. After all, businesses would have to pay for the right equipment, phone lines, and enough staff to handle a series of calls coming through. As a result, these expenses can take away from other needs of the company overhead. Humach provides CX services and additional live agents as an extension of your brand, so you can outsource your customer service methods rather than worrying about hiring more people in-house and purchasing or leasing more equipment.

Customers Prefer Other Communication Methods

With online chatting, email, and social media, many customers aren’t fond of having to make traditional phone calls. Phone calls can be distracting, especially if they’re trying to multitask, as they most certainly are. By outsourcing customer service through Humach, you can take advantage of using chat, SMS, and email without having to set up these processes yourself. Not only is this more beneficial to your business but it will also make your customers happier.

How can your CX be improved today? Where will it best benefit your business to improve? With customer service experts on deck, you can focus on your company’s core needs. For more information about outsourcing customer service, contact our team at Humach today.



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