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We often talk about incorporating community service into your company culture, and with good reasons. It’s such a great way to bring employees closer together, and provides a huge benefit to those around you (obviously).

We are proud to say that our Dubuque branch is serving as a shining example of this idea. Just last week, we were awarded the 365ink Business Impact Award, an honor bestowed to those representing significant and lasting impact in the Dubuque tri-state area. In addition to being one of the leading employers in the city, our Dubuque branch participated in numerous Random Acts of Humach initiatives to be awarded this prestigious honor.

Over the course of the past year, our employees took part in such great events as blood drives at the Mississippi Valley Blood Bank, mentorship programs at local elementary schools, the Dubuque Day of Caring, sponsoring a mile for the Adopt a Highway program, and many more.

The feedback we receive from our employees about the Random Acts of Humach activities is always overwhelmingly positive, and actually serves as one of the key factors in attracting prospective employees. Not only do we strive to make a difference in customer’s lives, we also do what we can to make a difference in the lives of those around us. This commitment to service creates a family environment in our centers, and the camaraderie felt by our employees gets passed onto customers in every interaction.

We’re honored to receive this award, and we’re looking forward to doing more service projects around Dubuque and other locations throughout the year!


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