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Actions speak louder than words. But in the social media age, words can be pretty loud. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. have given more of a voice to the average customer. With more and more people checking their favorite networks and forums for product information, the need to deliver consistently excellent customer experiences has become of the utmost importance. All it takes is one person, one review, and/or one tweet to make or break the future of your business.

To ensure that one person, review, or tweet sways in your favor, you need to make sure that all parts of your organizations are aligned. Agents, marketing, sales, and executives are no longer separate cogs in the machine that is your business. All of them are working towards the goal of getting your company more business, so they need to make sure they are all on the same page in terms of company presentation. There shouldn’t be a situation in which different parts of your organization have a different perception about what your company does. There’s a reason for the saying “United We Stand,” because there is strength in unity.

But that’s only the beginning. To get, and keep, that “one”, companies need to make interactions easy. The “effortless experience” isn’t just a pipe dream; with the right mix of automation and human creativity, effort can be reduced on both the agent and the customer side. As our CEO discussed a few weeks back, most companies do not have their IVR and agents systems synced properly. Alleviating that issue, while also offering thorough self-service options, will be key to keeping customers from not only growing disillusioned with your company’s service and sales experience, but also from sharing their negative experience with others.

At it’s core, this issue really isn’t that complicated. Treat customers with respect from all areas within an organization; and do all you can to make the engagement simple. Sadly, even in 2016, this still is not the norm. There must be a concerted effort from businesses and their partners, to solve this problem. Because all it takes is one moment to change someone’s opinion, for better or for worse.

Don’t let “the one that got away” haunt you forever. Start winning and retaining more customers today.


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