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In a November 2015 interview with The Telegraph, Michael Dell expounds on the new “data economy” and the opportunities available by combining human ingenuity with the power of machines.

Dell has backed up his vision of the future with a $67 billion bet on data storage provider EMC that will significantly boost his company’s cloud offerings.

Cloud services harness the computing power and information available on thousands of servers stacked in warehouses to connect millions of devices with applications, entertainment and transactions of all kinds.

“If you take a step back here, you have a thousand times more computing devices than you did ten years ago. It used to be PCs and smartphones; now you have tablets and sensors and cars spinning out all kinds of telemetry data, and all kinds of machines and products and services becoming digital products,” Dell said.

“Within all of those devices, you have a thousand times more applications, and the data is very rich. If you look at companies today, most of them are not very good at using the data they have to make better decisions in real time. I think this is where the next trillion dollars comes from for our customers and for our industry.”

Our team at Humach continues to explore and develop the possibilities cloud computing and data mining bring to the customer engagement industry. By being able to analyze thousands of customer interactions and aggregate that information, we have the potential to anticipate customer needs and deliver highly customized solutions for sales, service and support.

“There’s something about data and collective intelligence that is incredibly powerful. Consumer companies like Google and Facebook have figured this out, and it’s just starting to come to the rest of the economy,” Dell said.

Making innovation practical and mainstream has always been the challenge at each new technological shift. Dell said that ideally, companies will combine the creativity and intuition of humans with the computational and analytical power of machines to drive industries forward.

Thank you, Mr. Dell – we also embrace that idea, which is at the very core of our brand.

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