Creating great customer experience

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Customers expect a great experience. Their expectations have risen over the years creating a need for companies to put great emphasis on customer satisfaction. This is no easy feat. Achieving ease and enjoyment during every step of the customer journey is essential for garnering new customers, retention and improving your bottom line.

It’s not just about speed.

We’ve all heard the term “quality over quantity.” This is especially true when it comes to the customer experience. It’s not just about how many questions you answer or how many problems you solve — it’s about how well you answer them, and how well you resolve an issue a customer may be facing.

Sure…it is more difficult to measure the quality of your customer experience than the number of issues you resolve. But without a proper grasp on how your customers are feeling about their experience, these are just numbers on a sheet.

Improving your customer experience means more than metrics and data. It means a genuine emotional connection to your consumer. You must have a clear understanding of their wants, needs, questions…and have a ton of empathy along the way.

So how do you create great customer experience?

First we have to understand what exactly customer experience is. It isn’t merely customer satisfaction rates or customer service training courses for your staff.

Customer experience, at its core, is how a customer feels about your brand. This may seem fairly simple, but the perception your customers have about your business comes from many different interactions. Any and all of these interactions make up their experience.

This can be before they even speak to a representative of your company. This can be how they feel about your advertising, social media accounts, brochures, website, call center, chatbot — the list goes on and on. All of these are experiences that will determine if this customer will be a loyal advocate, a returning customer or a damaging source of information about the integrity of your brand.



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