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Dispelling three myths of business process outsourcing

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Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a highly modern approach to establishing a resilient, enduring presence, and it creates a wealth of opportunities for your business. There are options for onshore, offshore, or nearshore, meaning the potential for partnerships is plentiful.

The industry is growing every year, so there’s no longer a need to limit skillset options to one region. BPO’s rapid expanse among industries seeks diversified, frictionless solutions and customer experiences. However, despite the fact that BPOs are gaining significant traction, several myths still linger. We’re here to help sort the facts from the fiction.

  1. Myth: Business process outsourcing is just a way to cut corners

Fact: BPO expansion provides a wider pool of talents and experiences to draw from, and strengthens the likelihood of pulling together a team with the chops to seamlessly handle every scenario that comes along. Cost savings may be inherently built into some BPO models, but to discredit BPOs is to discredit the skilled professionals working in the industry to provide frictionless, fully integrated customer experiences.

  1. Myth: BPO threatens data security

Fact: Today, data security is a bigger issue than it’s ever been, but on the flip side of that, there are more technologies than ever before that are creating a safer, more secure environment. Many people cite cloud-based computing, which is commonly used in outsourcing, as questionably safe, but the technology has met and exceeded the demands and challenges.

There are standards, both legal and ethical, which a business can and should meet. Fully compliant data processes are becoming the norm the more cloud technology grows, and it’s never been easier to meet standards for data practices. In the end, it’s really about risk management. There are levels of data security certifications that can allay any fears you might have. Look for a BPO that is PCI certified with ROC 1 certifications.

  1. Myth: BPOs sacrifice local jobs

Fact: In what is perhaps the most widely believed myth about BPOs, the narrative suggests that access to local jobs is removed through the outsourcing process. BPO actually leads to even wider job creation, thanks in large part to the efficiency of the process and the wider net of success that the company is able to cast. With a larger pool of labor, the local economies on both ends tend to thrive as customers spend more time engaged, employees and staff are given increasingly complex roles, and more jobs are created.

BPOs are an excellent way to establish a backbone for a business and give customers a more multi-faceted experience. When carefully planned and considered, the move to an outsourcer is the perfect match for omnichannel integration that can be utilized no matter where the physical location may be.


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