Outsourcing Your Call Center

Five critical steps to take when outsourcing call center services

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For many companies, dealing with customer experience detracts from the focal point of the business itself, convoluting what should be an otherwise seamless experience for the customer.

Modern consumer demands dictate much more emphasis on technology and high-quality interactions, meaning if you’re putting energy into planning, staffing, and implementing a call center, there’s a good chance you’re negotiating your own bottom line and wasting revenue that can be channeled more efficiently by outsourcing call center services.

Once you recognize the benefits of outsourcing, it simply becomes a matter of knowing how to pick the right provider and ensure all of your bases are covered before handing off this critical service your customers rely on.

We’ve put together a short checklist for making sure your ducks are in a row when you’re outsourcing your call center services to help you establish a long-lasting and fruitful relationship.

Determine the scope you’ll need for your call center services

If you’re a large business with a national or multinational presence, you’re going to seek around the clock support with high-volume capacity. This opens up offshore and overseas options for a greater variety and magnitude of customer service. On the other hand, smaller-scale businesses may find excess in call center options like overseas outsourcing. The revenue and capital may not align with larger outsourced call center services, so an onshore option may be the best bet. Seek a provider that most closely matches your budget, but keep in mind the other steps we’ll mention to make sure you don’t compromise quality.

Examine the training methods used by the call center and aim as high as possible

There are multitudes of reasons why intensive call center training is important, but the right training makes all the difference in the outcome of your call center. When you determine some of the pros and cons of an outsourcing process, it becomes clear what areas are the most valuable for targeted training purposes, such as vocal techniques, pronunciations, and technology. Work with a call center outsourcing provider who utilizes a robust training program.

Seek to outsource call center services to provider utilizing the most modern technology

Automation is the future, and there are no shortcuts for modernizing a call center to suit modern customer demands. Agents working alongside automated processes that collect data, handle and process calls, and take on the initial contact have higher levels of customer satisfaction, which translates directly into revenue and continuous customer loyalty. Technologies to keep an eye out for include chatbots, interactive video, and automatic callbacks.

Find out how call center staffing is managed and maintained

Staffing can be one of the greatest challenges of a call center, and an outsourced service provider can put more time and resources into optimizing it than a business with a more distinctive focus can. Seek to outsource your call center services to a fully-staffed provider with an efficient way of distributing the work, a steady number of staff members to cover the services, and, if it suits the scope of your business, the capacity to staff the call center 24 hours per day across multiple time zones.

Demand steady, frequent communication channels

If your call center service provider doesn’t have a clear communication avenue and does not seem to value openly maintaining contact on a regular basis, it’s probably best to run in the other direction. When it comes to your business’s individual needs, you will feel the impact of an outsourced call center’s weaknesses when it gets things wrong about your company, can’t fully help customers from a multi-dimensional standpoint, or otherwise creates customer dissatisfaction. By finding a call center that establishes good communication habits, you can enhance staff knowledge of your needs and familiarize agents with your business processes much more thoroughly and effectively.

All it takes is some time and research to get your business on the road to top customer service through outsourcing your call center to the right service provider.


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