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Here’s why your business should incubate a new CX program

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In a recent whitepaper, we examined why businesses industry-wide have experienced a stasis or decline in customer experience quality. Recent surveys discovered that after years of hard-earned, gradual upswing and high expectations for even higher gains in 2017, the numbers began turning against all predictions. We wanted to get to the bottom of why the customer experience satisfaction didn’t skyrocket, and how that trajectory could be turned around by incubating a solution through establishing a partnership with an outsourcing provider.

Fortunately, the patterns that have led to this undesirable trend are transparent: too many companies have relied on the same M.O. despite a significant transformation in technologies and customer expectations. Many kept old processes in place after meeting a few initial surface-level challenges early on to get a head start but fell back to the old ways shortly after that. Without a reliable, industry-wide compass to orient the rapid shifts in modern customer demands, this was all too easy of a trap for businesses. A more robust strategy must be cultivated and solidified to meet expectations in an ever-changing world.

Customer satisfaction need not be complicated

Simplicity is key. When things are less convoluted and more straightforward, not only does customer satisfaction rise, but the adaptability and impact of the entire business model driving these experiences strengthens. Modern technology, mainly where automation and mobile capacity are concerned, has created this demand and encourages the innovation that customers seek from the companies with whom they do business.

The solution, as we discuss in the paper, is for businesses to take the initiative to identify their specific customer expectations and strategize how not just to meet, but exceed them. This is just the beginning of a full incubation program, where a process is cultivated and then implemented that not only meets and exceeds customer demand, but also provides space for how technology and demands might shift in the future.

Increase customer satisfaction efforts across company lines

Customers want seamless experiences, and studies have shown that they don’t care whether they speak with a human or a robot, as long as the service meets the expectations. The solution for businesses, therefore, entails providing adequate training and tools for the agents working on the front lines of customer service and helping them utilize the tools to create that seamless experience. The best approach to achieving this includes integrating input from those agents who will be directly working with customers to ensure the tools are easy to use and will be effective when employed on the job.

From there, establishing a working relationship with an outsourcing partner creates consistency, provides insight from experience, and opens doors to ideas that may not have been considered otherwise. A partner can cut cost and resource expenditures while establishing a more thorough approach to customer satisfaction, and enable business processes to continue as usual without the need to provide additional training or hire extra staff. Your business’s core competency can remain the focus, while the outsourcing partner executes the service solutions.

Customer satisfaction is measurable and distinct

Humach has measured the impact of these solutions on its own clients, among them a primary healthcare provider. The results were uncanny and measurable: accuracy increased for one client during a six-month trial with Humach, as did Net Promotor Scores (NPS), First Contact Resolutions (FCR), and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Humach was also able to trace its services to over half of the healthcare organization’s revenue over the course of several years and continues to drive 15 percent year over year revenue growth.

The way Humach achieves successes like these is through pilot programs that enable a faster transition, greater agility in adapting to rapid change in customer expectations, and better brand loyalty. We use technology and teams that enact significant changes in your customer service quality and standards while keeping your company’s focus on its objectives.

Today’s world of technology doesn’t wait for enterprises to catch up. It’s all about staying ahead of the curve, and Humach is expert at keeping companies out of the blind spots and immersed fully into the industry they’re part of by providing a high-quality customer experience partnership.


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