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Humach Helps Cheerleading Apparel Company to Customer Experience S-U-C-C-E-S-S

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Humach Helps Client Boost Efficiency, Save Money

By Kolby Harvey Ph.D.
Head Content & Conversational Strategist

How does an organization improve CX without analytics and other insights? This was the question our client, a leading provider of cheerleading apparel, faced in 2019 when reevaluating their contact center technology provider. With no actionable data to review, not even call recordings, our client found themselves at a standstill. Thankfully, Humach’s time-tested data analysis practices and a superstar team of agents turned the game around, so to speak, leading our client to victory. 

Nearshore Contact Center  

While the Humach team are hardly strangers when it comes to working in quick sprints, we determined this client needed a slower, steadier approach to get ahead of the pack while scaling up their service team. Initially, Humach agents handled Tier 1 calls while we helped our client set up a nearshore contact center in Mexico. The more our agents performed and the more actionable data we supplied to the client, the more we gained their trust, eventually replacing our client’s in-house agent team. This move freed up their existing agents to focus on order conversions. 

“They kept throwing things at us, and we kept performing!”  

—Kelly Uhlrich, Humach COO 

Scalability for Customer Service  

Following the creation of the nearshore contact center, our client found themselves in clear, open waters. That is, until 2020 when pandemic-related restrictions necessitated a brief closure. Humach takes pride in providing agile solutions; what we delivered to this client was no exception. As scalability was always a priority for this client, Humach easily pulled back our agent team, allowing our client to briefly go under the radar while they adjusted operations to quarantine conditions.   

Domestic and Nearshore Mix 

Upon reopening, Humach’s agents were ready to go. Today, Humach manages a blended environment for this client, with a “super” team of domestic agents providing year-round support and a second team of nearshore agents helping with peak-season surges from May to October, when their business quadruples. 

 In just one year, Humach saved our client over $500k, with over half of those savings coming from more efficient call center operations during peak season. However, the benefits to our client went beyond the financial. With a custom training program built from the ground up by Humach, our client’s agents performed better, receiving excellent CSAT scores. A resource hub and an agent-assist tool are just two examples of what Humach brought to the table. To read more about our relationship with this client and the successes we’ve achieved together, check out the case study below.  

Case Study: Leading Cheerleading Apparel Company Saves $561k

“You are one of the best partners I have worked with. You do things the right way, top to bottom. I will always respect, appreciate, and admire that.” 

—Former Client CEO 



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