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Rising labor costs combined with generational preferences and new technology are bringing disruption into the customer contact solutions market.

Tightening labor conditions and government decisions to raise the minimum wage have fueled expectations of an ongoing pickup. Adding to the momentum, a number of retailers, including Walmart, have already increased pay for hourly workers.

As competition for employees increases, workers—especially millennials—see job hopping as a way to increase their wages.

Wage increases—plus training costs and lost productivity related to high turnover—are taking a toll on the cost of products and services.

Further spurring change, generational preferences for communicating and interacting with businesses continue to create demand for new, innovative uses of technology. And new technological breakthroughs are enabling this innovation.

As a result, businesses are striving to achieve that delicate balance between cost and customer care. While those offering comprehensive customer services are searching for the best blend of technology and human expertise to satisfy that need.

Some businesses have embraced the latest cloud-based solutions. But not all cloud-based platforms are equal, and bells and whistles often come at a price.

For example, many of today’s platforms piece together a variety of technologies, applications and protocols based on what’s available from vendors. The inherent complexity of these systems can lead to pricey cumulative markups, difficult implementation, and costly IT management and maintenance.

A more strategic approach, which we’ve taken at Humach, begins with a cohesive architecture built from the ground up—one that fully leverages the cloud and delivers all apps and services through a single, easy-to-use portal. This in turn enables immediate scalability and future flexibility along with value pricing.

Other businesses are heavily invested in legacy systems, finding it difficult to modernize. Yet they recognize the need to grow and evolve with consumer demand, and will have to eventually do so to stay relevant.

Humach makes it easy and practical for our clients to leverage the true power of cloud-based computing. We know from our own offerings, that when done right, contact solutions can minimize the effort and maximize outcomes for customers, employees and businesses alike.

As current trends strengthen, customer engagement must increasingly turn to intelligent automation and self-service options—while also integrating the human element—to help businesses find better ways to engage, acquire and support their customers.

Start engaging with your customers on a whole new level.


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