World-class customer experience outsourcer merging traditional
contact center services with next generation technologies.

Our People + Your Vision = Endless Opportunities

Our experienced and highly-skilled agents understand your business and embody your brand and culture. The contact center is a critical component of successful communications between customers and businesses. We aim to be an integral part of your customer engagement strategy and serve as a seamless extension of your brand. By easily assimilating our world-class agents into your offerings, you will be able to quickly implement new initiatives and track immediate ROI. From large scale Fortune 500 companies to burgeoning startups, we simplify and accelerate the onboarding process so you can focus on your business core.

By combining the most advanced domestic facilities, virtual agents, near and off-shore capabilities with patented, true cloud-based scalable infrastructure, we are helping companies deliver an effortless customer sales and service experience. With a continuously expanding product and service portfolio, and a commitment to being a true partner to your organization, Humach is trusted by some of the world’s largest enterprises.

“They have been a true extension of our internal team, our brand, and our culture. They have earned our complete trust.”

Vice President, Fortune 500 Consumer Services Company



  • Customer experience, sales, and service
  • Payments, billing, product questions, and technical support
  • Full account management, cross selling, and revenue strategies
  • Customer retention, “save” tactics, and “win-back” campaigns
  • Mission-critical and incubator pilot programs


  • Consultative B2B sales strategies, market research, and account management
  • Transaction processing, up-selling, and cross-selling
  • Conduct surveys with consumers and businesses
  • Create and mine customer databases
  • Update customer data, sales documentation, lead tracking


  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live chat
  • Social networks
  • Onpage support widgets

Service by Humach puts you at the forefront of your customer communication programs and reporting needs to continue to separate you from your competition with seamless customer engagement.

Our Difference

We offer you the flexibility to scale your business up and down as needed, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. We also give you the freedom to deep dive into exactly how our agents are performing. You’ll have a clear view of KPIs in real time thanks to our highly customizable reporting engine. Nothing makes us happier than showing you how well your brand is doing. No need to constantly reach out to IT to configure the reports you want to see. We make it easy for the customer engagement stakeholders to pull customized reports they need.

We understand that the nature of customer experience is changing and we help you change with it. Customers prefer to interact on their own terms versus the limited channels companies have traditionally offered. That’s why Service by Humach incorporates not just voice and email but a myriad of different channels such as text, chat, and social media, because that’s how your customers want to engage with their favorite brands. Our flexible offerings allow you to continuously evolve to meet changing customer demands.

“Humach has been incredibly flexible and agile in accommodating our growth over the years, especially when we were first getting our business off the ground.”

Vice President, Leading Global Identity Protection Services Company


Whether you need 20 agents or 1,000 – we’ve got you covered.


Having a clear understanding of seasonality and ebbs and flows of business demands allows us to cater our programs to our customers’ needs.


Highly customizable and actionable success metrics with detailed real-time reporting gives you the information you need to make business decisions.


We handle all the details. Making onboarding quick and seamless. Easy assimilation into current infrastructure (no rip / replace). A dynamic approach to your ever changing business needs ensuring the pain of the past doesn’t become the pain of the future.


We subscribe to the BYOP model – Bring Your Own Partners. Our full suite of open APIs allows for easy integration into many of the industry-leading third party applications. We adapt to you instead of making you adapt to us.

Humach Life

Holding steadfast to the belief that happy employees lead to happy customers, our commitment to fun and flexibility creates an environment full of high-achievers that are the backbone of our customer success.

Our employees enjoy an environment where achieving goals are recognized, rewarded, and valued. Along with recognition, our agents feel a strong fellowship with their co-workers and a shared sense of pride in their work. From dress up days, to chili cook-offs, to our own versions of popular game shows, our workplace is one that promotes fun, active learning, and creativity.

We also support our employees’ passion for making a difference. This starts during interactions with customers, and carries over into the community as a whole. Embedded in our charter is our Corporate 1:1:1 Pledge (Giving back 1% of time, profits, and equity) and Random Acts of Humach, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our agents participate in over 100 Humach-sponsored community activities per year, which is a big driver of employee satisfaction, morale, and retention. In the spirit of Humach Life, our agents live out the meaning of “service” in every sense.

“The consultative and strategic relationship that we’ve developed with
Humach over the years has been the differentiator for our organization.

Their ability to gather and synthesize data to uncover new ways to
improve our service and grow our business has been invaluable.”

Vice President, Leading Global Identity Protection Services Company