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There will come a time in your life, during a difficult task or project, when you will be given the chance to just give up. Whether it’s pursuing a new position, or implementing a new project, there will be obstacles in your path to achieving your goals. It’s in the times where we face those obstacles where we find out who we really are.

Those who are able to persevere in times of adversity are those that ultimately show themselves as leaders. The resoluteness that these rare people show motivates those around them to keep going, to keep fighting for what they believe in. Even when things seem like they are all going against you, those with the strength to continue are those that will lead those around them to great change.

One of our partners (and dear friend) Christian Christmas embodied these characteristics in her quest to finish the recent Rocky50mile marathon. Through rigorous preparation and powerful resolve, she was able to finish the race in 12 hours. Sure, there were numerous opportunities to stop, give up, or take a break, but she was determined to achieve her goal and would not let anything stand in her way. Her strength of will is an example for all of us, in our personal lives and in our business lives, and we at Humach proud to support strong individuals like Christian.

In many ways, we face similar situations throughout our careers. There are times when you may be instituting new processes or developing new concepts for your business, and it can feel like a marathon trying to get them over the line. You’ll be faced with numerous opportunities to take the easy way out and let your vision collapse under the weight of pushback or difficulty of implementation; however, if you can show the type of perseverance that our friend Christian showed to complete a 50 mile run, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Not only that, you’ll empower those around you to do the same.

This is the spirit that comes to define true leaders; those that are bound and determined to bring about change that they are willing to put it all on the line. That mindset can be a catalyst not just for innovation, but also in one’s self and in others. In professional terms, this means that those who will control the market share now and in the future operate based on the relentless pursuit of progress. More importantly, they will be the ones that build the right team around them to achieve their goals.

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