Why customer experience matters in today’s marketplace

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As technology expands, consumers are adjusting their demands accordingly. 85 percent of marketers are reporting that service personalization techniques through mobile applications are leading to higher revenue and conversions. The mobile technology boom creates a sense of demand with little room for patience in many industries. The customer service sector may be the most sensitive to these demands of them all, because of the high stakes involved with generating customer loyalty.

Customer experience is a priority for fairly obvious reasons: disappointed customers will unfailingly turn elsewhere, and business will suffer. The human aspects of the customer experience work just like they do in any other area of life, and businesses must earn their keep among their consumer base or risk decline.

Customers expect seamless experiences, the ability to connect around the clock from any device, and have less tolerance than ever before for waiting around or for errors in the service process. They will not hesitate to let others know about their dissatisfaction, either.

The market speaks volumes about why customer experience matter.

Apart from maintaining these key relationships for your business, there are other benefits that come from good customer service. Did you know that improving and cultivating strong customer experiences is also a key factor in flourishing in the marketplace?

Raising the bar on customer experience leads to raising the bar on your investments

It’s a high-stakes game, but customer service cannot even begin to compete when the fundamental tools are lackluster. That’s why so many customer experience experts agree that a toolbox of modern technology, namely automation, is crucial to staying afloat.

Automation technologies, including the chatbots that have become an increasingly common fixture when visiting a company’s website, are a perfect example of how important the technology’s presence alone can be. When consumers feel like they’re patrons of fully modernized businesses, they not only have better experiences but tell others as much. Studies show that people will spread the word about excellent customer service, which is a no-brainer tool for carving out a top spot in the market.

Your company’s growth is directly correlated with its investments that will pay off over the longterm, and to shortchange something as commonplace as technology is not just shortsighted, it’s plain foolish.

Strong customer experience propels employee satisfaction

When employees and staff are happy, there is an undeniable chain reaction that resonates both upward and downward through the ranks and file of a company, including reaching the customer base. A good attitude is infectious, and an employee with a positive, thriving work environment is more likely to have a good attitude. It’s a symbiotic relationship in a business ecosystem, where customer experience feeds off of employee attitudes and vice-versa. Don’t worry about whether the chicken or the egg came first; focus entirely on creating the best customer experience you can and your workplace will enjoy a morale boost thanks to the concerted effort and positive effects of a great customer experience. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

When it’s hard to feel connected to the overwhelming demands of customer experience, just remember how intimately connected it is to your competitive edge in the marketplace. When you keep that competition in mind, the pieces will begin to fall into place.


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