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As the capabilities of contact center technology grow, more features and platforms are guided by skill based routing, and for good cause. Through skill based routing, contact centers can optimize operations by directing traffic towards the best equipped agent, rather than simply the first available one. In essence, this assignment strategy is designed to improve the customer experience by directing them immediately to the most suitable agent based on the customer’s inquiry. Although obviously beneficial on the surface, how can this ability improve other areas of a contact center and a company as a whole?

Decreases Call Handling Times and Increases First Call Resolutions

As companies and their contact centers expand, agents must deal with a variety of channel types and inquiries. By immediately connecting a customer to a qualified agent, the need to transfer them or place them on hold drastically decreases. One of the top reasons companies lose a frequent buyers is due to customer service failing to solve a problem in a timely manner. By eliminating the unnecessarily mazy process of multiple transfers and getting to the best equipped agent, first call resolutions, and therefore customer satisfaction, increase. Based on consumer studies, 50% of the time customer questions are never even answered. Skill based routing can certainly improve the amount of customers getting immediate resolutions.

Increases Agent Productivity

When contact centers simply route to the first available agent, whether or not they are knowledgeable on a specific issue, oftentimes they get stuck in a vicious cycle of transfers and holds. By routing accordingly, agents will be able to optimize their time and increase productivity by answering and resolving more relevant interactions, rather than waiting around while customers get frustrated on hold. By reducing customer and agent effort, the overall process of the customer experience becomes more effortless.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

When a customer has their issue resolved on the first try by the first agent they speak to, they are happy about it! No one likes being placed on hold or repeatedly transferred, so making the customer experience effortless is vital. Customers want to speak with an agent rather quickly, but even more important, they want to speak with an agent that is able to effectively answer their inquiry. What is the point of calling customer service if they can’t answer your question? With more and more people contacting customer support as a last resort, brands cannot afford to keep them waiting around for answers or else they will get frustrated.

Increases Revenue

With all areas optimized and operations improving, revenue goes up. Simple, right? Not only are customers getting what they want, but they will continue business with brands that provide a good experience. After all, 78% of customers reported bailing on a transaction due to poor service, imagine the increase in revenue if companies got to keep that 78%!

Want to put skills based routing to work for your business? Start here.


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