Implementing Passion – Not Your Average Training

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This is it! The time when all the back-end effort comes to life and the actual training session begins.

To recap, Humach uses the ADDIE model of instructional design – Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate.  In the fourth installation of this series, we will peek into how Humach implements call center agent training. Here’s a hint – we do a lot more than read slides and quiz agents.

Train-the-Trainer for the Win

Humach Instructional Designers conduct train-the-trainer workshops with Training Facilitators well before agents participate in training. They review all materials, gain an understanding of the Instructional Designer’s vision and the learning goals, and ensure that Facilitators are clear on how to deliver the training. Then the official hand-off from Instructional Designer to Facilitator is complete.

“Our trainers rehearse, then rehearse, then rehearse some more. They absorb the Facilitator’s Guide then put it into their own words in order to deliver the training in a natural way,“ says Dezaray Hammond, Vice President of Training and Development. “The meaning of the content remains intact while delivered in a conversational way so that engagement levels are high. No one wants to listen to a stuffy high-brow trainer. That’s boring!”

It is important to deliver the instruction in a natural way. Reading material becomes monotone which causes a learner to disengage. The Humach Training Facilitators work diligently to ensure a positive tone, enthusiastic voice, and delivery method that is in alignment with the subject matter while keeping the learners’ attention.

“We hold dress rehearsals to provide feedback to Facilitators, read children’s books to each other to improve voice tone and delivery, and often record ourselves to see if we would want to sit through our own training,” says Dezaray. “It does not matter if sessions are in-person, virtual or voiced-over for on-demand video, everyone works diligently to ensure quality delivery for the most engaging training session.”

Bring the Training to Life

Motivational public speaker and self-development author Brian Tracy is quoted as saying “the foundation of confidence in virtually every field is preparation.” When the Humach Training Facilitators launch a client training program, we are confident in our preparation, delivery, and outcomes. The ADDIE model is proven to provide excellence in adult learning. The Humach team then takes that several steps further with their own passion for learning.

Humach is constantly working to enhance our delivery even between training classes.  We study each client’s project, listen to call recordings, and stay closely connected to support staff who work directly with agents.  We make sure we learn about our audience prior to stepping foot into the classroom or virtual classroom.

“We feel comfortable that when Humach delivers training, the learners in our classroom, whether live, virtual or on-demand, will be confident in performing their jobs by the time the training is complete,” says Kelly Uhlrich, Chief Operating Officer. “The team’s ability to breathe life into the training ensures a high level of involvement from learners.”

What’s truly different about Humach’s approach to training is that we remain focused on the learner experience throughout the entire process of training agents.  It’s not about getting through a bunch of bullet points in a PowerPoint, or how we feel about the session. It’s about how they feel as they are absorbing the information.

“We often pivot to make sure trainees have some control over how they are learning,” says Dezaray. “Using the pre-determined knowledge checks and real-world scenarios strategically inserted into the Facilitators’ Guide during the Call Center Training Design phase, Facilitators get a sense of whether learners are ready to move on, or if they need more practice to lock in the learning.”

We do not deliver a lecture or a presentation. We deliver an experience.

“We‘ve heard several trainees say that they could listen to us train all day,” says Dezaray. “That is high praise, particularly when we know how short attention spans are and how difficult it can be for anyone to focus for extended periods of time. The preparation pays off.”

It is because of all of this preparation leading up to the training session that agents quickly come to realize their importance in the organization and how they can have a positive impact as soon as they take that first call. “It’s exciting for us to see their enthusiasm and confidence build throughout the training,” says Dezaray.

In our last article in this series, we’ll end with Evaluate. Knowing what works, both in increasing learner engagement and improving customer service quality is essential.

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