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Humach Publishes Customer Study, '2020 Customer'

Humach Publishes Customer Study ‘2020 Customer’

Leading customer experience technology provider, Humach, releases findings on new strategies in their new customer study, '2020 Customer'.

Humach (humans + machines) is revolutionizing the way businesses engage, acquire, and support their customers by combining the creativity and experience of humans with the computational power, analytics and automation of machines.

Humach recently released a study on the future of customer engagement, called “2020 Customer.” The study, authored by CEO Tim Houlne and SVP of Customer Engagement Tom Asher, contains interviews with customer care executives as well as industry data from Gartner, Morgan Stanley and others, and the customers themselves. To provide a truly full spectrum examination, Houlne and Asher interviewed executives from organizations such as Travelzoo, SOCAP, Dr Pepper-Snapple, E&J Gallo, and Andersen Windows. Additionally, “2020 Customer” provides readers with an easy-to-follow six-step roadmap for engaging the customers of the future. The study in its entirety can be found here and is based off of information from the above sources as well as decades of industry experience from the two authors.

“It’s encouraging to hear how many people are confident that automation and self-service will dominate customer engagement,” said Houlne. “We at Humach still believe that humans will be needed to guide and tune these smart machines. Machine learning and artificial intelligence still have a lot left to learn.”

2020 Customer” serves as a guide for customer care professionals looking to be proactive in their customer experience strategy. As well as providing interviews and data, it also provides a six-step roadmap for engaging with the customers of the future. “We feel that the roadmap is what really sets this study apart,” said Asher. “Instead of simply compiling a bunch of data together and putting it in one convenient place, we also provide actionable steps to help everyone put the information to good use. With this study, above all, we wanted to help.”

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