Humach Wins Customer Contact Central MVP Award

Humach Wins Customer Contact Central MVP Award

Humach's blog 'Adaptive CX: Reducing the Impact of COVID-19 in Your Contact Center' captured Customer Contact Central's "Most Valuable Posts (MVP)" award.

Humach’s blog ‘Adaptive CX: Reducing the Impact of COVID-19 in Your Contact Center’ captured Customer Contact Central’s “Most Valuable Posts (MVP)” award in the Contact Center as a Service category.

CCC 2020 MVP Award WinnerCustomer Contact Central‘s MVP Award recognizes the Most Valuable Posts that provide the highest value to industry professionals as judged by readers, award committee, machine intelligence, and social media.

Humach’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Emma English, wrote the article in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide some insight into adapting to the new work-from-home contact center model and how AI can provide businesses with a competitive advantage.

In an interview with Customer Contact Central CEO, David Hadobas, she says one of the things the post focuses on is getting people to understand the application of AI, “because we hear that term everywhere.” She goes on to say that the article highlights the current state of the contact center, the evolving methods of service and delivery, and “how AI can benefit the customer’s experience overall and how it also benefits the agent experience.”

See the full interview here:

Originally published Dec 4, 2020, updated March 22, 2021



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